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Call Me Maybe Parody by "MattyBRaps & Cimorelli"

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We met this rapper online. He's so adorable he's nine. Yeah, back up ladies he's mine, your gettin in my way. Invite him out to our shoot. His older brother is cute. Still gettin in my way. I love this lipgloss. Hey thats the one that i bought. Look! I can't tell from this spot. Where you think you goin... pinch me!! Hey we just met you and this is crazy. Your so adorable. Thanks but i'm not a baby. i bet all the other girls try to chase you. Look so precious. Thats nice but i'm not a baby. Hey i just met you. And they're all crazy. I like your hat though. Thanks it's Matty------ Baby. I'm used to all the girls so it don't phase me. Let's take a picture, say cheese Matty Baby!!! Hey Matty need a friend. You win the cutest award. Um... hey we're talkin. Yes thats why we're stalkin. Lets go. And we're walkin. Hey we just met you. And this is crazy. I dig the enthusiem ladies but i'm not a baby. And all of my friends think your amazing. So do you have a boyfriend. Danny, he's just a baby. What, look, I just met you all. And your very crazy. I know right, here's my number, so call me maybe. And all of us girls. Drive me crazy. Think your the cutest. Teenage crazy town... get off. Before he came into our life we missed him so bad we missed him so bad. i missed him so, so bad. i guess they'll never realize, but they should know that there will be no crap. Hey can we wear your hat.
kalsonberry | 20:57
Did you write this parody yourself? This song came on the radio today, but I was with my coworkers so I didn't happily sing along to it like I usually do.
zjenn4 | 16:00
Naw, they're promoting a group of sisters on youtube. They did the parody with the 9 year old, Matty B. Cimorelli is actually pretty good.
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