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It could change ur life or someone elses

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Well, here goes nothing, I am kind of new here, I know a few people already and a few of them already know that my mother passed away about 6 years ago, she left behind me, my father, my brother who was 3 at the time and my sister who is 2 years younger then me. I guess I am feeling a little over whelmed right now because a holiday is coming up and its hard for me to deal with the holidays without her, she was always so much fun and I miss her terribly, also since the anniversary of her death is coming up ( Easter) makes it all that much harder..she died in a car accident, she was on her way to bring an Easter dinner to some people she had met through her job as a social worker, people less unfortunate then us, she always had a soft heart and wanted to help everyone...well she was hit by a drunk driver.....and to make matters worse, she didn't die right away, she died the next day from severe bleeding in her brain.....so I am having a hard time right now and I also wanted to say, PLEASE,PLEASE, be safe this holiday and think twice before you drink and drive, or before you get into a car with someone who has been drinking....I'm not trying to lecture you but one split minuete decision can change a lot of people's lives forever....

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You cant really say sorry to someone for something like this... but just think of it as God taking her to a better place than here.. and that you'll get to see her again some day. "If God wanted us to look into the past he would have put our eyes in the back of our heads, but instead he put them infront for us to look toward the future." Keep your head up and I hope you have a good Easter!
Hey...I kind of know what your going through in a way. My mom died 7 years ago. You're in my prayers and the song The Background by Third Eye Blind always helps me when I start thinking about it...I dont know...I hope this helps a little.

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I'd travel to other countries by subterranean trains or flying saucers.
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