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Legacy901 | 02:06
Gotta chopper on me, go Boom-Chocka-Locka.
Knock a neeger off his feet, like too much Vodka.
Sitting low in my Impala.
Purple Tags, Willy Wonka.
High arrogance,and i got a pre-madonna.

With that Snap-Frost Ciroc, Red Berry, with a chaser.
Bloody switch- blade, and my diamonds look like glaciers.
Benjamin is on my paper.
Welcome to my saga.
Yea I call the shots, and she the demonstrator.

Look into my eyes, Last King on the scene.
Styrofoam cup, baby, that is how i 'lean'.
Wish that you could have these things.
50 karrot rings.
My swag sizzle on the surface, then my body steam.

Man I'm smoking hot, think I need a nicotine.
Pre-teen with cottage cheese.
Living life, a lemon squeeze.
Vodka is my remedy.
Hotter than a pot of tea.
Fresh boy walking, shoot a neeger if he jocking me.

Loui on my toes.
Thick stacks don't fold.
Have another sip, and this guy out cold.
Cock my 4.
Beamer sit on 24's.
Cops pull me over, cause its tinted windows.

Click-Clickity-Clack, soundboard from my glock.
Got a popping semi, and my Bently miss its top.
I'm the opposite of not.
Drop it like it's hot.
And then i be rolling, like I'm an autobot.
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