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CheekyMonkey | 00:35
Ever Crushed on Your Best Friend's Man???

Have you ever crushed on your best friend's man without meaning to???
Like you want her to be happy, but you can't stand the thought of them hugging, exchanging dirty words, vows of love and kisses,.????
Been there, done that,
In this blog, I will give you some pointers- some do's and some don'ts ,
• Do's:
1. If she is an understanding friend, tell her at front. It'll hurt less if she finds it out from you, than from someone else.
2. Try to down play it, as if it doesn't matter.
3. If you think it will do any good, tell him too. So he and she and you know where anyone stands.
4. Help them to understand and most all be happy- all of you!!!!

• Don'ts
1. Don't make a big deal out of it.
2. Don't make a blog of it, because who knows who will read it!
3. Don't kiss him in front of her, do it in an abandon corner !!! Actually, don't kiss him at all if you want to keep your friendship.
4. Don't do anything you wouldn't want someone to do to you,

The last you want is loose friends by a stupid crush. Yes I know, it doesn't seem to be stupid then, but when you think back,. You'll see what I mean,
Take my advice; I had to learn the hard way,
School doesn't last forever, so make it last while you can,
Friends can last a life time- but they aren't your real friends if they let a tiny thing like this get in between you.
So listen to what I have said and take it into consideration. Crushes are never the real thing if it's awkward or if you can't even say hi to him. However, if it's just awkward because she's there, then that's a whole different story.

Take my advice, don't learn the hard way, it hurts and you will feel horrible. Your life, you will feel, it's gone, shattered in two. You would do anything to go back and change the things that happen. But you can't. Please take my advice and don't learn the hard way

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CheekyMonkey | 23:34
why did i write this??
POP OUT SAVE saving ...
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