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Legacy901 | 20:29
[The Living Prophecy]

Ok, i been off for a while, but it's Legacy. Imma shoot out your brains, if there's jealousy. She can straddle the horse, if she feeling me. Holes like a golf course, if you hating me. You should listen to my finger, cause i don't play no games. Keeping that green, give Mario the change. It's like that when you keep it real. Gone and clap your hands like a seal. Have you swimming with the fishes, when i shoot, boy you squeal. Like a baby. Purify me lord, hate Ha-des. Have my gun smoking, say hello to Mr. Glocka. Have a boy off his feet like too much vodka. Muther @$%&$. Crazy going, Boom Chocka Locka. Sipping my drank, while i throw the middle clocka. Socka. Hating, imma shove you in your locka. With the birds, imma flocka. Who is at the door, your girl knocka. Forget all your troubles, plus your problems. Flow collosal. It's a prophecy, in a human vessel. Taking off my shirt, tattoos on my muscles. You can have it all, if you hard while you hustle. Better think twice, if you really wanna tussle. Eagle in my denim, while she suckle.

Dougie Part

Black and white, domino.
Pockets on Big Money Moe.
Flyer than a bird man, suffering from vertigo.
Black Nike on my toe, and my cloth stay indigo.
I stay with a bad girl, she be saying Idaho.
Tits stick out her petticoat.
Ice like a kaleidoscope.
Man she getting lockjaw, suckle down to deep throat.
Tell her go and make my dough.
Made her catch the Holy Ghost.
Mind gone, adios.
Now I'm speaking Mexicos.
Dang, let me take it slow.
Watch me hit my Dougie though.

Say My Name [Ladies]

Come and say my name. Low temperature from my chain. Spotted leopard, blood dripping from my fangs. My last name Flagg, to the haters it's forbidden. I got a cold heart, woof woofing on you kittens. I might be young, but that don't mean that im innocent. She wanna get with me, for sex and the benefits. Fame, and money. 12 karrots on the chain, almost certain it's a bunny. Boy you gotta keep it real, or you ain't gone survive. See what the Lean do to me, catch me cruising side to side. I'm stacking cottage cheese, and I'm thinking bout a sand-wich. Kidnap your girl, then i hold her Hos-tage. Between your girl thighs, man, thats so tragic. Get outta the pawn shop, and stop buying plastic. Candy-paint dripping, fat kids running to my Mercedes. Keep your mouth open, and that's going to the ladies. You faggots. Boy ill have you sleeping with the maggots. Boy watch and learn, while i swagg it. B. It's Legacy. :[Legacy901]:

The Bears Food

It's a cannibal stalking. Black, mighty grizzly walking. Cut up your throat, less commotion when you not talking. You see my chain glowing bright, Vitamin D. Tell your girl she can come and suck D's. Nuts. Shove it in your face, then bust it down your neck. E-G-O, its Legacy in the flesh. Scratching like yall got fleas, but yall really on crack. Stop slanging rocks, before you carrying a bean sack. I'm all about my cheddar, like RATTouille. Caught the holy ghost, Lord got me feeling groovy. Whatever i want, whatever i get, im getting it on demand. I'M holding my balls, its feeling so good, letting them know im the man. 69 stance. Kissing the France. Girl, stay outta my pants. Blisters on hands. Need Rubba Bands. Drenching until i can not stand. You look at my shoes, you looking at meduim rare. You look for your girl, i ain't telling you where. You look at my pants, levis holding a hard-on. You look at my rank, last king on the gold throne. You look at my wrist, the weather has taken a mood turn. You look at my stacks, the money is my only concern. You look at my girl, my fist crushing your face. You look at my swag, its Legacy, learn your freaking place. :[Legacy901]:

The Tigers Dinner

It's Legacy baby, Top Dog, where the leash. Haters fill my appetite, who the next, i want my feast. Bite your arm off, then i wash it down with blood. Red dripping from my fangs, diamonds brighter than a bulb. Maybe 70 Watt. 1G on my watch. Man, my breath stay funky, keep me 'way from the Scotch. Or that Double Dutch. Syrup mixed with the kush. And im 12 years old, put a hater on hush. All my things illegal, not my coconut ciroc. Dont like the way haters taste, spit you up in glob. Yea, im feeling nausea. And my nut sack is clogging up. Ask your girl for some relief, and then she start slobbing up. She keep it wet, like that park Magic Springs. Knock Knock, hello Mr. DiggaLing. LOL. Green guts before i bail. Jizz off in your face, yea you want it i can really tell. The weed make me stank. Lady stare at me while i wank. Pleaze observe, in a min you gone demonstrate. I like the foreign kind. I don't do those gang signs. Squirt up in your face, man, i crossed the BOTTOM line. It's Legacy. Hotter than a pot of tea. Boy please. Plead for your right breathe. And when you get done, click-clack, die. Who said i waz the truth, they a lie. :[Legacy901]:

Being Me

I'm being me, fresh out gorilla cages. She pull that condom off, say she want it where the taste is. I say I keep it safe, got no time for infections. Let me rub your bongos, 38DD section. Polo on my chest, and i keep my shoes fresh. Sharp fangs and long claws, ripping through your flesh. All these lyrics on here nothing. Legacy stay stunting. I got your smashed, i aint talking bout a pumpkin. Round of applause,Legacy, I make it happen. Haters keep it moving, got no time for this traffic. Beast mode. New clothes. She wearing thongs, take it off. Take my tongue, bite it off. Then my fist make your nose red , like the reindeer Rudolph. Round of a Butt, yea that girl she make it happen. Keep it wet between, station where im acting. Its Legacy DA Legend, and the my marathon almost here. Strip your clothes, grab a beer. Pinch your bun-uns till u tear. :[Legacy901]:

Elvis Freshly Remix

Slob on my knob, yeah girl, that's a job. Yellow diamonds looking like some corn-on a-cob. Im the man you should call, if it's warm in the spot. Coogi, Gucci, Louie, and they wonder why im hot. Cut your head off, mail your body to your fam. I stack Breakfast Time Bread, can you please pass the jam. Im hungry, all these furry cats, dont disturb me. Might get a clip to your kidney, mama's boy have you heard me. Gotta watch the language, or get banned by the moderator. Snap. Good job, my girl on my lap. Precipitater. Every now and then boy i Snap. See these men hating, while i like my meat raw. Tell your girl that she can come and get LockJaw. AWW. It feels so good. Aint trynna get you Knocked Up, thats straight from the hood. Car notes, childhood, anal, understood. Pop that cherry, till it's fruity good. She got a Big Donky Butt, so watch me go and pin the tail. Shoot a man guts out, hear a cop, then i bail. Man, that was close. Round in the belly, Captain BlackSkins Boat. So. Forget administration. They just overlook me, cause they all be hating. Red paint, red ice, and red paws, not SATAN. Congratulations, your girl slurping me off. Chill girl, im sensitive when im soft. Wait till my next song come out, yall soft.

Maybe Tyga Remix

This ain't legal in your state. This that firearm, that cherry bomb, I'll light it in yo face. Blackish thong, girl you the bomb, that rubber when you taste. Neon watch, metallic glock, is sitting on my waist. My mind gone, love red bones, I'm sipping by the case. Knock knock, who's there, these nuts up in your face. Yellow chick, white ice, it's way outta your race. Loud speaker, roaring engine, blasting down to the base. Make the money,stack it up, and spend it in a haste. Might corozone my face, :[Legacy901
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zjenn4 | 01:19
Okay. I can see you have a lot of parodies in your arsenal. Instead of creating a new thread for each one, try and post your new ones in this thread. I've moved your other ones over for you. This way you can still post your stuff, without creating a bunch of threads that clutter the forum.

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