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Legacy901 | 18:31
I freaking hate clowns, kill em like Freddy. V-Vicious, yea its code-red like spaghetti. Crazy cash green roll roll, diamonds heavy. I rep Mem-phis, yea boy ordinary. Wooddale Middle School, all these n***** just hate me. Now I'm big and they small like a m&m baby. Put your hand down, f*** opponents and opinions. A-All the girls love me, cause I'M flyer than a pigeon. Yeah, im on it with this buisness. Pull over, get a ticket. And im rocking black swade, i stay drenching on you n*****. Swa-ag, Jays with a black ca-dillac. Getting head tight, where your girlfriend been at. Hoomie say im whippin. You don't hear the captain speaking. I ball all week, b**** you barely get weekends. Ice so cold, they always glitter. Fresher than a mint, n**** ask the lady stripper. Bringing back this rap game, legacy, yea he did it. Most swag,ahww, don't laugh,ahww,s*** to me. Dear Lord, forgive my hostility. Hope to have a kid one day for my LEGACY. Don't be getting caught where you shouldn't be. Hope to live another day, b**** that ain't a guarantee. S-Shred you to the white meat. Your girl so wet, on my backseat. Legacy901 n****, tweet it

again, watch the language. -mod
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