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Legacy901 | 02:01
My legacy, it's going hard. Balling like a g, swipe that black card. Roll a blunt, smoke till i got asthma. Legacy, hotter than a plate of magma. Skipping school, just playin round the city. Crippin on these n*****, showing my blue fitti. Its the man comin through, now its a stampede. Pop your girl cherry, then watch that womanhood/top bleed. Almost bought one, they said its auto fraud. Man im the sh*ss, where da applause. Black Santa Claus. White chick. Deep Clique. Thick ****. Im a winner, but im 12 years old. Glaciers on my wrist, and my neck stay froze. Keep your head spprung, and lick me like a lizard. Swag super dumb, ice colder than a blizzard. I don't got problems, so f*** you. Rolling up cash, flyer than a cock-a-too. I'm Mr.Green, be stacking ogre. Spittin on da fans, like my lady Oprah.
My aunt give it to me, satisfaction. Buying up the store, transactions. No GED, CUT School. Cannibalism stalking you, my only rule.I'm the toughest n****, so toughen up. Got the money drenching, so button up. Mobbing put Lil Wanye on f***ing freeze. He a b****, dissing cause im sick on cheese. Turning aqua, H2o. Slurp me b****, and make my money hoe. IN your b***hole. Catch the holyghost. Aint BI but get off my HAIRY D*** B****!

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