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Bf thinks I'm still in love with baby daddy

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Maleasure | 00:28
I have a child and I left her father well over a year ago because he didn't treat me right and refused to step up and take care of us as a family. Of course, I still have to talk to him on occasion because of the fact that we have a child together but my current boyfriend gets uncomfortable when I talk to my ex. He thinks that I am still in love with him even though I left him and turned him down when he came to me afterward begging for me and the baby to come home. I have told my bf several times that seeing as he is her father, of course I'm going to care in some way but other than that, all doors to that road have been closed for quite some time now. I love my boyfriend and I need some advice on how to make him more comfortable with this situation since he has no kids of his own and doesn't quite get where I'm coming from on this.
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JDolla | 03:09
well you could obviously have a kid with him, then leave him.
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