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Uni friends/Old friends

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EliseRoseann | 12:02
Is it possible to stay as close to home friends once you go away to uni? Does it actually make you closer or do you grow apart? Thoughts...
Joeyy | 14:22
When I was with my ex, I dreaded her going to university. Knowing what students are like here (and what she's like), I had a strong feeling that we wouldn't last long with her away. I was right about that, but as for friends...

I don't have many close friends, but university hasn't put emotional distance between myself and the ones I do have. Having said that, we're all still relatively close in terms of physical distance, so it hasn't been too difficult to see each other (but it does get somewhat harder as the workload increases). Modern technology also makes it quite easy to keep in touch, but I think all parties have to really want to. If a friendship is easy to replace, then I wouldn't have much hope in remaining friends. But if friends really love each other and find each other to have personalities and qualities that aren't easily replaceable, then I'd say there's hope for remaining close.
Krikri | 14:42
i agree with Joeyy. i've been with my 3 best friends since primary school and going to university hasn't changed our friendship. actually, being small town/country people, and going to the big city and seeing all the ugliness there made us even closer and more appreciative of who we are and what we have. i feel really blessed because i have them. i made friends in university, and i'm still close to one or 2 of them, but it's different with those 3 who i've known almost all my life and are like a part of me that i can't and won't let go.
zjenn4 | 14:50
The friends that I was the closest to in high school, I am still friends with today, and we have stayed in contact with each other no matter where we've ended up. However, the people who were just friends I knew, I haven't really stayed in touch with them (aside from facebook) since we graduated high school.

It's all about who you're willing to put the effort into staying in contact with. Some of the friends I made in college/university, became some of my closest friends, and I am still in contact with many of them. If your current friends are as close to you as you are to them, then you'll both want to work to stay friends and you'll be fine. Otherwise, you will drift apart, and that's okay! Because you'll make new friends in university, and they might turn out to be just a good if not better than some of the people you know now.

So don't stress it too much. It'll all work out.
kalsonberry | 17:42
I actually feel that I've become closer with my high school friends in college. I think a good number of my college friends have kind of lost touch with their high school friends though. So it's up to you, but it's definitely possible to have good college and high school friends!
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