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Plantagenet | 18:44
Sit back and listen/read - this won't take me long to outline.

Forums are not a new form of communication, but it is new to many users. The tendency of most people is to dash off quick messages with little thought. Many people regret doing this later on.

The term "Netiquette" has been coined, which encourages common sense, politeness and general rules for online etiquette. The following is a list of general guidelines that should be noted in all forms of online communication. These apply for e-mail, forums, newgroups, and instant messengers to name but a few.

Use appropriate language in the given situation.

Remember that your message is visible to everyone on forums. This permanace can either be helpful or detrimantal. Once you click "Send", that's it.

Proofread and check your spelling before posting.

Avoid typing in capital letters since this shows anger, or shouting. If that's your aim, then this rule does not matter quite so much.

Remember that readers will be without the benefits of tone of voice and facial expressions to help understand what you're trying to say and how you intend it.

When starting new threads, give it an appropriate subject line so people know what the topic is about before they start reading.

Where possible, reply immediately to messages directed to you. This makes a good impression overall. Think clearly about what to write and make sure you know what you're supposed to be talking about.
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