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FaV ViD aNd FaV SoNG!

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whatz ur favorite video and favorite song and your favorite artist?! and the ones u hate!

my vid is without me by eminem. the song is so over played but the vid is the best!! (it shows eminem.. practically any vid that shows em is awesome!)
the vid i hate is that one by madonna. music. its so dumb! like ed the sock sed.. madonna is an old lady she shud be going to play bingo on a friday night! not go to a flippin strip club! lol.

my favorite songs.. are brown eyes by destiny's child, stole by kelly rowland, stimulating by eminem, and superman by eminem. i dunno why.the song i hate is..complicated by avril lavigne cuz like without me it is sooooo over played and its old and avril's voice drives me CRAZY!!

my favorite artists are eminem and destiny's child and ja rule and nelly!!. i like treble charger too. like i sed the artist i hate is Garth Brooks. and I hate Shawn Desmond too.

i put alot of time into typing this lol not
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TheHappyLion | 22:31
I think a lot of these things are already covered in quite a few other threads...

Nice initiative though!

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