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What do you think of today's music?

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acoustical | 18:05
Of the artists that dominate today's charts and the general reception of what is "popular" in today's music.
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kalsonberry | 18:31
I don't mind listening to it at hangouts/parties and on the radio, but I don't listen to super popular music regularly. It tends to lack substance and use the same 4 chords, but they are usually pretty catchy. Currently, I don't mind S&M and Forget You.

What I don't really get is people who only listen to popular music and then complain about how bad it is. There is so much music out there, if you don't like what you hear on the radio you don't have to listen to it!
jonajager | 08:51
Some songs are good, some songs are bad.
I like Marina And The Diamonds, Sia and other artists who really make music.
MrsMupp | 10:16
Like jonajager said "Some songs are good, some songs are bad". In genereal I prefer the 90s music but yeah, I still listen to today's music.
maccecilie | 11:48
I wouldn't mind it if it was more varied. It's mostly just pop.
cutie_13 | 11:51
Pop takes the charts lately but in my personal opinion, 80's & 90's was the best for me.
Slat | 22:26
Today's music is just like today's youth: dead inside.

Popular music used to be "listenable" at worst back in 90s, now all you can do is try not to throw up when disgusting soul consuming popular music comes up.

You can't even see this people as artists! They're business people. Lady Gaga? Justin Bieber? Rihanna? Well I won't count any more names, feel sick already.

All songs use the same disgusting formula, same crappy rthym, materialistic dull lyrics with no artistic talent what so ever. NO UNIQUENESS! Just like the clones you see outside; walking the same, talking the same, thinking the same. Well, it's no wonder why these thrash artists became so popular among the normalised boring masses.

How is 70s music? Jusy f.cking wow! 80s? Awesome! 90s? Superb! What's wrong with 00s? Something wrong with artists' drug supply?

Please don't just listen to what they shove up in your face. Also listen the great songs of the past and the hidden gems of today. You still might save your soul before it's totally consumed by this void music and turning you into a dead inside robot!

Hell, even the popular movies suck big time these days. Good movies almost never make profit.

What is happening to the collective psyche? Why are people becoming more and more dumb and tasteless? Why everyone looks and acts the same? When did money become more important than love? Why have we become more selfish? What is this mass madness? Arrrrrggghhhhhhh!

I apologise If I offended anyone, but that's how I feel. I think this is my first post since i registered in 2005. Sorry it's not a nice post :/
acoustical | 23:45
I greatly disagree with you on the part of Lady Gaga not being a true artist, but I will also say that maybe it became all about the money when industries like music and film stopped making as much money as they used to. Maybe if we weren't a generation of illegal downloads and pirated movies these industries wouldn't have to invest so much in auto-tune and would have the luxury to be able to employ actual artists.

Also? The music from the 90s was great and not cookie-cutter, repeated formula? Were you even alive during that era? I'm a 90s kid down to the core because it was an amazing time to be alive as a kid but come on. Backstreet Boys. Spice Girls. It was the era of formulated, sugar-coated, cheesy as all hell boy bands and girl groups. And I can guarantee you that there was an unlimited supply of incredibly crappy, cheesy and neon-coloured afro-wearing bands from previous decades that you probably wouldn't consider "awesome."

Looking back on the history of music, people only remember the true artists of the decade and the good aspects of it. It's how people are able to validate that music "back then" was better than it is now. But growing up in that time, aren't you fairly certain there were so many cheesy rock bands with huge hair and lame make-up that could barely form a tune were alive and thriving? Except no one talks about them. It's all about Bob Dylan, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC. No one mentions the crap bands. It's all about the legends who are remembered and the obscure and less successful fade away. And decades from now people will be talking about Adele or Robyn and Gaga and Winehouse as the amazing artists of today.
Vixen75 | 23:21
It sucks!!!
NikkiWild | 08:30
Its awful!!! I prefer the 80's music even though I wasn't born!
Datagutten | 19:52
Usually i think the music on the chart are crap, but now Plumbo has climbed to the top with Møkkamann which is very nice.
goretski | 23:16
Some of the songs are good, and some of the songs are bad. Some of the modern groups are just re-making some of the older original hits, and that disgusted me. Pls come up with your own music.
Dark_Hawk | 23:21
Same as always, the popular music is really catchy, but with no essence(with the exception of Adele, for me)... But there's also good music out there, you just have to look for it
Most of it is crap, but there are some artists that are awesome. You just have to look hard enough.
pichu7756 | 03:55
i think mainstream music now-a-days have gone down the toilet -_-
Yes, indeed.
spotfan | 20:46
i usually avoid top 20, it doesn't have the "bounce" or the anger i like...
I like most music, but today the mainstream music is dominated by house music and really repetitive pop music.
I think that it is incorporating into rap and leading to alot of rappers selling out, still lovin todays rock and alternative though!
Overall I like most of the music produced today, just not most of the chart music
MetalMike41 | 22:21
hmmm... how do i feel about modern music... hmmm.... SHITTY. country music is the only modern music that i listen to. rap= retards attempting poetry. hip-hop-noise with dumbass lyrics. techno? no real instruments. (same applies with the rest.) 70's= perfect. 80's = thrash metal. 90's= great. modern=shit.
^ I agree
I agree with the most of you.... I don't like today's music at all, actually, I wrote an article to our local newspaper about the music nowadays and how it's so not personal. I mean, everything sounds the same! I LOVE the music from the 70's and the 80's, like Queen and ABBA, but don't forget The Beatles and the 60's!!! They are a legend, I love them.
JOSweetHeart | 17:07
To me if my most favorite singer James Otto is not a part of today's music, then I think that today's music bites.

God bless you and James always!!!

Cookie93 | 18:50
It simply sucks!!!!!!
I agree with Cookie93, thats why I went underground
Tiia1Nachos | 22:44
That's a tough question for me to answer
since I don't actually listen much to today's music.
I mean, being born and growing up in the 80s,
that's the kind of music I grew up listening to,
so that kind of music and artists like Whitney Houston, Freestyle,
Nik Kershaw and Ultravox have always had a special place in my heart.
Also, since I've always been a fan of the 20s to mid 70s,
the music I usually listens to nowadays
happens to be from that period of time. Yay for LP's!

But to answer your question...
I think that while some of music/songs/artists of today
tends to be 'crappy', there are also exceptions to the rule.
In every decade there have always been artists who shined,
and others who simply stank.
That's a fact of life, I think.
That's a pretty broad question. There are some good modern music artists out there, like indie singers (like Ellie Goulding), and then there's some modern that I don't care for. The 70's to the 90's music is awesome, and I'd probably take that first over modern, but I definitely like a mixed bag in my music. I just can't stand all of the modern rap/hip hop, Justin Bieber, Ke$ha, etc.
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