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egg | 02:13
out of an ever-increasing curiosity, what bands/artists do you hate, and more importantly, WHY????

here, i'll start...

i hate Dashboard Confessional...for one thing, i don't like the dude's voice, it gets on my nerves, and i think the lyrics are pathetic and nauseating....basically it makes me go

your turn!!!!!!!
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Artists i dont like and why:
avril lavigne (or avril lasagna) a fake and phony from my perspective and it seems as though shes the new "britney spears, christina a., nsync, bsb" for record execs: something they MAKE to produce money for new bentleys

linkin parK: i dont know why, they annoy me.

christina augulera:im not going to be like other girls and say omg shes so ugly... im not going to lie, shes gorgeous. but i think shes using her beauty in ways to sell records and shes not promoting good self image being a slut....
as was britney spears... before she dissapeared somewhere... hmmm...
Nda | 20:19
I hate Kylie Minogue and Anastacia (sp?). Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, and Busta Rhymes are pretty high on my list too.
egg | 20:21
i want to know WHY
Dekar | 07:56
I can't honestly say I "hate" any artists. The ones I don't particularly like aren't important enough to me to hate.

...but if I were held up against a wall by a large tattooed man with a machete, a jar of vaseline, a pocket full of condoms, and was forced to choose someone, then I suppose I'd have to say any reggae artist. There's just something about a Caribbean accent that digs at my tolerance.
XxX | 03:59
Kylie Minouge

But not accually HATE..too strong of a word.. (to disregard with great aversion) uh-uh!!!
I just cant stand her voice and her songs..I just dont like the girl
LatinLockito | 04:02
my eyes won't let me hate Britney Spears...
hmm... i really hate my ex boyfriend now.
as for music, i really cannot stand alicia keys. puffy daddy. usher. crappy girl bands like "play." cher sucks. and eminem's new stuff. his old stuff was better.
whoops forgot the why. i hate my ex boyfriend for many reasons. but i still love him, i just dont like him as a person
alicia keys- i dont know, her voice is annoying. puff daddy is way too puff-like, and usher collaborates with him, thus the hating part incorporates. i dont like crappy girl bands like play because they instigate my migraines. cher sucks cuz she looks like a dark-haired joan rivers. and eminem's lyrics have always been just a little less than the level of a 2nd grader. but "lose yourself" is just the epitome of musical sadness one-hit-wonder-ism. that is all.
Hoffy167 | 08:10
I hate Holly Vallance because her music is crap and you only have to look at her videos to see she is using here body to try and sell CD's, and not having decent music!!!! I also hate Avril for reasons which a lot of ppl have already covered so I won't repeat. I don't really hate Silverchair, but their music has gone screwed!
Grue | 16:43
Well, I haven't listened to pop for a year and don't even know who Avril Lavigne is.
But I hate Rammstein. They have only OK song - Mutter. Others just suck. Singing stupid lyrics in German while playing repetitive heavy shitty tunes doesn't make up for a good band.

(and Sum41 are much better than blink182 in my eyes. When I'm listening to a Blink 182 song I can't even tell which one it is, they're all the same...)
And | 18:03
I hate Avril Lavigne. How fake can you be? And the lyrics she writes... What the fuck?! And T.A.T.U., Las Ketchup, Trucks, Eminem etc. etc. etc. And the Danish band Nik & Jay really, really, really ARE lame.

But. I love superheroes! Love, love, LOVE!!
Merry christmas, everyone.
Grue | 14:40
Ah, TATU! I'm from Russia, and these whores were really popular here.
Ya soshla s uma, mne nuzhna ona!
OMG, I wanna vomit!
SuNsHiNe1989 | 18:06
i hate pop, because i agree it's marketing, not music. i hate hip hop, because i think it's stupid and has no real meaning. i love rock. and punk.
El_Mono_Loco | 21:29
Grue, ur entitled to ur opinion and in a large way I'm not fond of Rammstein, I just wanted to let you know that they are singing the exact same songs that made Linkin Park and Papa Roach famous. All the band members of Rammstein wrote their best material just after being dumped by their girls. Their songs are about loss and the pain/anger caused by break-ups. They're just singing in German so no one has any fucking clue what they are talking about! I dunno if that matters at all to ur opinion of them, but it changed mine a little.

BTW, I hate all new rap that doesn't flow and has no real meaning, for instance, why is Nelly singing a song about fuckin shoes?!?!?!?!?! I refer to this as Crap Rap and my roomate plays it all the time and I just wanna stab him in the eye with a pencil. I used to like older stuff (Ja Rule, DMX, old hip hop) but it gets more and more annoying over time.
Justin Timberlake because he's a dick in person. Alicia Keys, because she bugs me beyond personal belief. Something about her makes me wanna choke her.

KoRn, Lifehouse, and The Calling...something about them I wanna choke.
Here's my list:

Definately Avril Lavigne
Britney Spears
Justin Timberlake and Nelly
Murder Inc. (especially Irv Gotti)
Ruff Ryders (except DMX, Eve and Drag-On)
S Club
Backstreet Boys
P. Diddy (and Bad Boy records)
and anyone who is down wit bad boy records and all above. also to anyone who hates 2pac, BIG or Eminem
carole | 10:57
I have some comments :
1) This topic is fun.
2) Most of you guys hate bands who really make a lot of money.
I mean I agree with you when I read that Christina Aguilera is a slut or that N'Sync sing shit, but we have to admit that we tend to hate singers that a lot of people love!
So who loves Aguilera, N'Sync or Avril ? There has to be someone.
Personally, I don't like The Ketchup girls because to me the one song they did is totally useless. We have enough beach songs. It's only 3 girls in bikinis who wanted to make some money. Plus they look really dumb (it's something about their eyes really).

And I think using 'gay' as an insult is the stupidest thing ever. Look out in a dictionnary, gay has nothing negative in it. And I will go so far as to say it is a positive word. I love both gay people and straight people.

Dekar | 11:22
I, as much as anyone, am sick and tired of hearing about Avril Lavigne, and I have not the slightest problem with her music or personal style, but I admittedly get angry when I happen to see her in an interview.

I was flipping through the channels the other day and came across a repeat of a visit she had with MuchMusic. Ed the Sock was asking her about how she feels that girls are starting to wear ties like her. She had an expression so dull and empty that furniture would've told her to get a brain. She then said something to the effect of "I don't care." Then not 5 minutes later, she walked outside to greet some fans (all wearing ties) and said, "Hey, you guys are all dressing like me! That's so cool!"

Look at what I've done, I'm all riled up now. Oh well. I agree with Lita though: Avril is a walking oxymoron.
Plantagenet | 17:47
hehe, I don't have anything against the girl herself, but about the fake attitude, I mean being 'punk rock', or whatever you call it, and the marketing around her, that's contradiction, isn't it!
mia_cobain | 23:28
i hate all pop all r'n'b all hip hop but i love rock punk grunge( as in nirvana) etc.
i hate rappers like nelly ja rule jz etc.
all my friends like all that crap and they have all became fakes and phonys just like the artists they listen to.
that music is not real it's all the same and it's gettin borin.
4 x ample
rap lyrics are all about partying girls and sex.
pop rnb & hip hop are all about gettin dumped or a relationship gone bad.
and the artist singing the song is asking to either ask her boy/girl friend to take he/she back or sayin your independent without there ex.
how many times can you talk about the same subject in every god damn song.
and the thing that makes me so pissed off is that people actually buy this crap.
rock grunge are usually writen by the artist who sings it and are talking about some thing different.
kids, teens and even adults want music they can relate to besides the fact of being dumped by there partner.
it's as if every single person in the world is getting dumped or havin problems in relationships.
or at least thats what the artist thinks or who ever writes this crap.
it's ok to have some songs about relationships but not every single god damn song in the music industry.
don't you get fade up with it.
we need rock to take over again like the whole thing when nirvana first came out, it was unheard of, it was exactly what we needed a break from all the crappy music.
there was finally a song we could relate to but after the death of kurt cobain it's suddenly gone back to all the crappy music again.
all this music sucks beyond thought.
when will people relise this is not proper music and this music shouldn't be saleing.
people like me are so hungry for proper music.
all the bands i like none of my friends know of such as nirvana, metallica, alice in chains, pearl jam, hole.
it's because there showing to many stupid songs.
it makes me so annoyed.
people i know don't know who black sabbeth and sex pistols are soon kids aren't even gonna know how the beattles are and the rollingstones and bands like that.
well i hope not.
whats our world caming to.
i know alot of people who read this are gonna completely disagree with me and proberby hate my guts, but it's strickly my opinion and i wish there where alot more people out there who would agree with me.
don't hate me, i don't hate you just the music you listen to.
oh by the way i don't mind rap to much it's mainly about popstars and some hip hop artists which are way to much like popstars.
please don't take any offense of this message.
Masterful_Ally | 23:32
yes! YES! ANOTHER LONDONER! whoohoo! lol.
Hello. I agree with your comment in part, but I wont go into it now because I'm supposed to be finishing my english lit. essay. Just thought I'd say hi.

Ally xxx
mia_cobain | 09:38
same here, i'm meant to be doing my geography project, ahhhh!
and by the way thanx for agreeing with me!
cheers :-)
VH_fan | 21:13
all rap because rap is not music its crap
all teeniebopper pop the name explains it all because all pop is, is boy bands and the ones who like them are like 10 and 11 year old girls because they think they're cute
most metal (except metallica) because in my opinion there devil worshippers
all country because...come on who actually LIKES country?
all punk (except Green Day) because it sounds exactly the same too me
VH_fan | 21:14
and by the way Nirvana guy should be killed for saying U2 is gay, U2 IS THE FUCKING GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME
Pjuket | 17:23
Hate leads to the dark side.
POP OUT SAVE saving ...
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