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armageddon15 | 07:32
Want some opinion on this. Trying to check why it is when anyone does asks or says anything nice to me... i end up believing its coz they have a alterior motive? Esp if they are of the opposite sex.

Like my work mate would say lets go play soccer and i will have a small suspicion in the back of my mind. He might be asking so he could get some help on his class assignments in teh end? Or that my friends friend that i actually admired will say 'we should catch a movie or something someday' and ill be so confused coz i cant figure out why. And probably think its coz shes looking for a job and thinks i can help her out coz im sort of rich? Or if a girl compliments me i will think its cause she's a flirt and has netted many others and im just one of her challenge or trophies

As imporant as a solution i want to know the reason for me doing this Comes down to self esteem or pessimism or being paranoid? I get real fed up at times Very much past midnight so im not very aware of how much sense ive made
BasseZ | 10:11
Well I think its good that you dont just believe in everything u are told, and are aware of that there could be another reason for asking things. But, what you should do is you should try to figure out how much your suspicions make sense, I mean is it really possible for what you think could happen, to actually happen. And if you think it would really happen, you should maybe let them know that you dont want any ulterior motives.

This is just how I think and if you think I dont make any sense to you, then just forget what I said, anyway hope that this helped atleast a little.
Myracle | 20:17
Has it ever occured to you that sometimes people like you not because of any hidden agenda but well...they simply like you? Come on now, shed this feeling and go out there and have fun!
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