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Happy 10th anniversary LetsSingIt!

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Ray | 10:24
2010 is an exciting year for LetsSingIt, because LetsSingIt celebrates its 10 year anniversary! Time to look back to the early days, when only a few of us had internet access at home, Google didn't exist, Boy Band mania was at its peak and Britney Spears initiated the revival of teen pop.

The beginning

It all started back in 1997 when Ray, a 20 year old astronomy student opened his first lyrics website. Often looking for lyrics himself, he noticed there weren't a lot of good quality websites providing lyrics. Ray started 'Ray's Music site' and published some lyrics that he collected himself. To his own surprise, the website was soon receiving hundreds of daily visitors and Ray started receiving lyrics by email. The archive was expanding quickly and with 15.000 daily visitors in 1999, it was time to make some substantial changes. That's when Ray's Music Site changed to LetsSingIt in the year 2000.

From lyrics site to music site

Step by step, LetsSingIt grew and was expanded with new features. It started with the daily poll, forum and the chatroom, followed by artist biographies, pictures and news. And more recent, the music player. LetsSingIt's powerful search technology allows users to easily navigate through the site. LetsSingIt went from a plain lyrics website to a real music community where today visitors from all over the world shared their interest in music with each other.

Member community

One of LetsSingIt key strengths has always been the level of user interaction. LetsSingIt has a huge member community, reaching almost 900,000 registered members. Membership is 100% free and allows you to personalize LetsSingIt. Members can post in the forum, bookmark and comment artists, songs or albums, create their own playlists, send messages to each other, and even moderate their favorite artists.
Without these members, LetsSingIt would not be what it is now, because it has been built out of visitors' ideas and feedback.

Faces of LetsSingIt

This is what LetsSingIt looked like during the years:

The precursor of LetsSingIt, Ray's Music Site, which Ray started in 1997.

This is what LSI looked like from its start in 2000, until early 2001.

This was the second design for LSI, noticed the logo is still the same! This served from 2001 until early 2003.

No more teal, only yellow and grey. This was how the site looked like between 2003 and summer 2006.

In the summer of 2006 we worked on a major layout change, which is the predecessor of the current layout.

The current website which is running since summer 2008. The logo has been refreshed and the site has been widened to current standards.

Ten years may not seem like a long time, but in internet years it is an eternity. We're proud of what we've build and it has been fun. We're thankful for all the people who helped us build it. We hope LetsSingIt will also be your number one music resource on the internet for the next 10 years!

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Bucephalus | 10:33

ten years goes by fast huh?? I've been here since '02. Pretty sure i am the longest active member of the forum left... wow those old LSI pics are nostalgic
TheAnnoyance | 10:35
Lovin' the old pictures. I think I'm always going to miss the old yellow layout, lol. I may of only been around for 6 of those 10, but it's had me hooked since. =p

Congratulations Ray
I've been around 7 of those 10 - the first 3 or 4 pretty constantly, and it always had something on here to make me either smile, think or generally find some awesome music . Can't believe it's been 10 years! Seriously, does that make anyone else feel abit old?!

I agree though, I think 2003-2006 will always be my favourite layout d:

Thankyou for LSI Ray! Happy 10 years

stuffines | 11:17
wow Congrats!
I've been here 4 of those 10 years and I must say it's been lots of fun so far
zjenn4 | 11:24
Wow, I've been around for 5 years, but have only been active in the forum for 4 of them.

Ha ha, I had almost forgotten about the all yellow layout.

Well happy 10th LSI!
Rubbo81 | 11:47
gg LSI happy anniversary
El_Mono_Loco | 11:57
Been here 8 years next month, and I gotta say, I still prefer the old layout from early '03. I would still troll here constantly if it looked the same. I despise this new layout, but oh well.... at least the site, and Ray, are still here. I miss the 'good old days' of shenanigans in the original Randomness thread, before the post limit, among other topics with friends who were in high school/college then, who are all grown up and married and have kids now, lol.
yarid_reyes | 12:32
Aww happy 10th anniversary! I've been here since '05 and i always use lsi for lyrics n procrastinate! :p Congrats Ray! And thanks for everything! Haha, eventho we complain about layouts and a lot of other stuff.. you have made an awesome and sucessful website! So congrats! ;]
nanki_c | 12:39
I still miss the old yellow layout too, but I have grudgingly accepted the new one! I would miss LSI too much if I stopped using it. Been here for 6 years now, fairly regularly, which really is a bit worrying.

But either way, congratulations Ray! Happy 10th.=)
Sjakalen4 | 12:55
Wow, I can't believe it. I've been here since 2004, so for 6 of those years. Amazing how much I have changed, on a personal level, since that time, and how much I've seen others change.
valdez | 13:27
I've been here since the beginning of 2004 - 6 years out of 10
Since then, I've always looked for the song lyrics @ LSI.
LSI was my favourite place to be, still is and will remain one of my favourite !!
Even the top 1 of all other favourite WWW sites ever !!

It's unbelieveable - 10 years passed by. So many changes were made.
Time change many things - this is the law of progress.
Things around us change, we also change

Happy 10th anniversary !! Congrats Ray !
King_Ullis | 13:39
Congrats Ray!
xsazx | 14:38
Aww happy tenth anniversary LSI!
I've only been here for a month and a half but I love it!
paulroxx | 15:27
Amazing. Although this forum profile is only 4 years old i've been around since the late 90s - early 00s and barely noticed how time went by.

Happy 10th anniversary! It's everyone on the Internet who lasts that long!
Nostalgia all up in this bitch :')
Whiteshadow | 16:03
djskribble989 worrrrrrd...

Hey Ray!! I have met my girlfriend of 2 years (starting this June) on LetsSingIt and I couldn't be more thankful to you for that! You've definitely impacted lives [even if unintentionally]!
Execujetv12 | 17:05
Congrats! Happy 10th!
Arual_92 | 17:17
wow, i remember my best friend telling me about this site in 2003 or 4! i've always used it since and finally became a member late 2007
congrats Ray!!
Joeyy | 17:22
I'm sure it's because I don't have the nostalgia for the old (been here...coming up four years, I think), but I prefer this layout. Seems more cheerful.

Happy 10th Anniversary, and congratulations to Ray for making this site so popular and awesome. It's the only one I make sure to keep up with. I very much enjoy being able to edit artist's lyrics to put in correct punctuation and grammar, ha.

Fiacre | 17:37
I can't beleive that I have been around for 7yrs
Hqppy 10th aniversary! Joyeux anniv!!
May God bless you
Boagirl | 17:56
Congrats Ray,

That's quite an accomplishment having a 10 year anniversary from such innocent beginnings.

Good luck on the next 10 and you go mister!

Have a groovy day,

ieshie_ | 19:14
i've been using LSI for like 6 years. I had a different username then :p
happy 10th!
JustxMe | 19:16
I almost never post, but I always use LSI to check out lyrics.
Happy 10th Anniversary.
Ozl | 19:18
wow, ten years! i remember the first 2001 - 2003 yellow site hehe
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