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It feels like we're drifting apart

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KrZeeKLutZ | 01:26
Hey guys. It feels like me and my boyfriend are drifting apart. He claims he's been busy helping with his brother's wedding but i call and he's usually always home and pretty much 5 minutes later he says he has to go. So now i don't even bother calling and if he wants to talk to me he can call. I dont know maybe i just worry too much. But we haven't talked more than 5 minutes in this past week in a half. I wanna talk to him about it, but i dont know what i should say. Any suggestions?
kcd | 01:42
follow your heart.

If it tells you there is something iffy then trust the gut feeling and move on. You must put yourself first!

caseydee (happy new year!)x

XxNirvanaxX | 01:53
Ugh..I know the feeling.

If he doesnt want to talk, dont force him. Be ready though in case he decides to break up, or maybe its something else. Like they said, follow your heart.
SomeCallMeMaxx | 02:15
So ya think you're difting apart but you're not sure...

You just might be drifting apart. It is kind of odd to not talk to your bf for more than 5 mins in over 10 days. That's usually what happens when someone tries to avoid you, however a sneaky way to do it.

There can be many reasons why he's not talking to you much, including he might just be that busy with the wedding planning. Or he needs time away from you to think about the relationship. It happens.

As sad as it is to say this, you might just have to wait it out. That's partly because you can't seem to talk to him for long and if he really is busy then "a talk about us" isn't the wisest thing to do over the phone. When you do get time together try and ask him what he did when he was helping plan. Not only do you sound interested in what he's doing while he's away from you, it could also tell you what he was really up to. Like if he says things that don't usually take 10 days you might want to keep your gaurd up.

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KrZeeKLutZ | 07:41
KrZeeKLutZ | 07:44
You always have the best advice!! you helped me with my last situation about my long distance relationship (we're still together, and this is who its about) and i never did cheat on him by the way (and i dont plan to) I hope this turns out for the best and i'll use ur advice. Thank you so much!
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