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big boy trouble post plz

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urasexybeast | 04:45
im so upset right now. theres this guy we'll call him James ok and ever since i met James ive known that ive loved him. it was love at first sight. there was a snag though him and my sister started going out. i was so upset for a long time and all i could think about was him. it was really hard having him around with my sister all the time especially since she knew that i liekd him and she was really bitter. me and my sister were on bad terms for along time over this. well eventually they broke up. after they broke up he was really upset and i consoled him. then he tried to tell me that he always liked me and i didnt know how to feel because even though my sister was really horrible to me during this whole ordeal i still loved her because she was my sister. well immediately i wanted to go out with him and me and him were inseperable but i always had the feeling he never really liked me and that he was waiting for my sister to ask him back out. me and him went out for a while and then him and his dad had it out and he had to move to Georgia to live with his mom and we broke up. i was so upset. i cried hysterically for a week straight no one could help me not even my friends and my friends are my world. the whole time he was in georgia we kept touch and he has come to visit a couple times and ive dropped everthing for him. he just blew me off. hes always played games with me and ive still loved him. but yesterday he asked for my sisters sn and started talking to her for the first time in a long time. and he told me that he just needed to figure out why she broke up with him and why she is so mad at him. and then he told me that he still likes her. after all me and him have been through! i was so p*ssed. so today i asked him if hes lied to me about anything and he said that he lied ot me the whole time we were going out by saying that he was over my sister. and now me and him have been fighting for 3 hours. im trying to tell him how i feel and how that lying is the worst hing he could ever do and that he broke my trust. i thought i loved him and he took a part of me that im never gonna get back and i just feel horrible and p*ssed off and confused. i just need someone to talk to.i have aim my sn is underwherequeen. any replies and advice will be greatly apreciated. thank you very much.

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urasexybeast | 04:55

funkyseaweed | 14:11
Ahh... Difficult, from what I've gathered.

* offtopic :
putting some paragraph breaks in makes it easier to read

Well, I think all you can do is get over this guy. You may love him, but he's not good enough for you if he lies. You should take some time being completely single, no matter how much it hurts you, and in time you will find someone completely of your own who you trust. Some guys sadly can't be trusted, but honesty is the only way to sustain a relationship.

What is your sister doing? Is she going to go out with him again? If not, it might be better if you two stuck together and both tried to find someone else. Me and my best friend went through something kinda similar, except I never went out with the guy, and I don't like him anymore. Anyway, I looked for myself, and kept looking, and I've found someone I love. So take your time and get over this guy, that's my best advice
Memorize | 14:24
thats such a terrible situation babe . having ur heart broken at any point is horrible enough but the scenario ur in is even worse .

u definately shouldnt fall out with ur sister over it because that may make the siuation even more unbearable . if u can try and become friends with him again , and u will slowly regain ur trust in him , but u need to find out if u want to ever trust him again .

i cant say to u 'get over him' because when people said that to me it seemed patronising because nobody knows how ur feeling inside at a time like this , and trust me i cried every night for a week over my ex so i know how drained u must feel ! you may never totally get over him because he means so much to u (im still love my ex nearly three months later !) but babe as the days go by it does get easier , and u will find someone who will love u more than anything , coz i bet ur gorgeous !

but if u ever want to chat babe im here , iv been through this before !

take care hun
rachel x x x
o0la0o | 15:11
wow this situation is awful and i am sorry that you have had to deal with this. but how i saa it, and i know it's easier said then done, is be greatful that he's moved and move on. it seems that you have been wasting your life away waiting for him. his every move has determined your happiness. that shouldnt be that way it is. you should do what makes you happy and obviously staying stuck on this kid isnt gunna do it. try and just tie up the loose ends with him, and let your sister deal with her problems with him and i think that, based on what i get for your story, that both of you could do better. your sister is going to be your sister forever, no matter what. do you really want to break that bond over some guy? it's not something that i waould want . * offtopic :
i know it sounds harsh, and i dont wanna come of mean...but in my experience, this will be hard, but it will work.

random quote time..... "it takes more muscle in your face to frow than to smile." lol i hope that if you dont take that advise and smile that you at least laughed at the supidity of it

if you ever need to talk look me up
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