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Ayudame, chicos...

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radiate86 | 22:12
If you tell a guy you like him and he gives you his number and tells you to call him sometime, what does that mean?

This was a while ago, and I took back liking him (hahahaha I'm a dork), but I'd really like to know. My guy friend wasn't much help.
it means that he likes you too and wants to get to know you better
xcr4zyx | 22:13
i owuld suppose it means he either likes u or wants to get to know u more or ya.. cus .. what guy would just give u there number for the fun ..
bling_bling | 22:27
yeah i agree, u cant be too sure if he likes u that way or not yet, but the fact that he gave u his number and told u to call him means something, because if he wanted to say "errr no thanks" then he probably wouldve been like "oh.. ok" but he gave u his number so yeah.. i say call him.
radiate86 | 23:04
I have trouble calling guys...first. I told him that and he laughed. I have called him, but to talk about specific things, never just to talk like we do online, and definitely never to ask him out. I want him to make the first move, but I don't know what to do.
aflackoh6 | 23:05
be like, damn, I lost your number...can you call me, I gotta get offline and I wanna talk to you
radiate86 | 03:52
Hahaha that's a good one! (But he knows it's in my cell phone) Haha
bling_bling | 22:41
ok well i say one day if ur talking to him online and u feel like talking to him ont he phone then just be like i gotta go now but ill call u in a while, and call him a while later, and if the conversation seems to be akward and theres nothing to say, make up some excuse like ur moms calling u, or someone needs the phone or something like that. but the conversation shouldnt be akward if ur used to talking to him, and if u think ur really gonna run out of things to say then maybe write down a few things that u could talk about (sounds sad i know but hey whatever works right?) and tell him u like him, if u dont have the guts to do it over the phone tell him online, the worst thing he'll say is "i'd rather be friends" which means nothings gonna change, the best thing he'll say is "i like u too, wanna go out with me?" and if u find out he likes u but isnt askign u out then hey, just ask him out, u know hes gonna say yeah!
SomeCallMeMaxx | 22:52
I did that once to a girl. She was flirting with me and I had my gal pal give her my number later and told her to call me. I had the intention of going out with her if she wanted to but I didn't think about it much at all. If it happened it happened, if not then it doesn't. That's why I let her make the move because I felt pretty indifferent about the whole situation. It was also pretty tacky of me to have my gal friend give her my number, and not do it myself.

* offtopic :
Sorry my advice is a little weak today, I have a hangover.
DNA_Maniac | 23:42
sorry didnt read the other replys...

it meanz he thinked that:
ah this girl looks like ok.. maybe kissing good to maybe further more to sex... so why not..

hey call me!


radiate86 | 04:11
Hahahaha Levent you crack me up. He shouldn't be expecting sex from me if he knows me at all, though. lol

Thanks Bling and Max. Max, it's okay about the hangover...at least I know that you've done it and what you were thinking.
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