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Everything is so messed up...

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radiate86 | 19:40
Have you ever felt completely alone?

I'm in a fight with two of my best friends right now, and one said to "call when I'm happy", well, they'll be waiting an awful long time, because I've never been happy a day in my life, they're just too effing blind to see it. One of them is ridiculously idealistic and lives in her perfect existence. I know someone's going to say that maybe things go on that I don't know about, but they don't. She tells me everything, everything and her parents have never yelled at her a day in her life, she told me herself. She doesn't understand when my mother gets mad at me, or is mad about something. She is totally incomprehandable towards it. And their both best friends and have never disagreed on a thing in their lives, they both admit, and I told one of them it's because they're scared of conflict and scared of disagreeing and she denied it. But it's true. And I feel like such an outsider to them. I already made a post about thing under the ranting thread.

And I can't talk to anyone right now. Everyone and everything seems so distant. I don't know who to turn to anymore.

There is only one person who could ever dry my tears and make me feel better, but he is gone now, and it's all my fault, and it's just another reason to cry...
Well dont be like alot of other ppl and turn to drugs/alcohol to solve your problems or even worse trying to harm yourself! If u feel that u need help! Talk to someone! An adult/teacher or even a stranger! Talking about it with someone will help ya
radiate86 | 20:22
Thanks...don't worry, though, I would never resort to drugs/alcohol/violence. I have a pretty clear head when it comes to those things.
the_locust | 20:24
aw Annie, that's awful. I don't have anything particularly constructive to say apart from I'm sorry. I hope everything works out for you and the problems with them stop. Good luck, take care *hugs*
radiate86 | 22:10
Thanks. I just talked to both my friends. I texted the idealistic one and told her that I was sorry that I hurt her feelings, but that she hurt mine too and for her to call me. She called me about 2 minutes later and we talked for an hour and ignored the whole thing completely. That's not a good thing to me, but she likes it that way...totally ignoring conflict. I had already fought with the other yesterday, and I just talked to her online and she said sorry. I guess the wound is patched, but I never forget things. But I'm a bit happier to know that my vacation won't be wasted.
rockin | 02:59
im in a similar situation. i got into a "fight" with one of my close frends a couple months ago and we still havnt figured things out. partly because she doesnt wanna confront the issue.

i guess the best thing to do is talk to your frends about it. if they dont want to talk about, theres nothing you can do there.
radiate86 | 04:07
Yea...they don't. Well, I talked about it with one, which is the same as talking with them both because they don't have any secrets. But I want to talk about it with the other, but she avoids conflict completely. She thinks it's a good thing to avoid it. I don't. It just messes things up more.
funkyseaweed | 13:32
I'm guessing you guys are all growing apart. It takes a certain amount of problems in life to make a person. It's a major part of growing up, learning how to cope when things go wrong, and being able to relate to other people's problems. Your day will come, everyone told me that and I didn't believe them, but it seems that yesterday was my day, and today it's suddenly not anymore. But seriously, things will get better for you and worse for them.

It's difficult to be friends with people when you have such major differences. Do you have any other friends who understand you? At all? Because as they say, two is company and three is a crowd. It's difficult being one of three good friends as someone can easily get pushed out. But if they really can't talk about this conflict, try to find someone who understands you better, and get less close to your current friends, while staying in touch. I hope things work out, I hate having arguments with friends.
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