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wats up with ur friends steeling ur...

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wsaswim | 19:44
Hi Everyone..........

I need some help or advice.... or just input..... All of my friends have either liked my boyfriend or wanted to be with them. I just recently broke up with one of my byofriends and my best friend in the whole entire world goes up to him and asks him out right after I dumped him!!!!!!! and he said yes!!!!!!!!!!! My question is why do BFF's or friends always steel ur ex boyfriends right after you break up with them!!!!!! Please help....... my other question is..... How should I deal with my bff and my ex going out??? Should I support them??? Don't even care about it??? Or Just pretend like I don't even knotice!!!!!!!!Please help me..........Thanks

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C4L | 15:03
same person i see...same guy?
SomeCallMeMaxx | 15:49
Don't that beat all, one yer she hates his body and the next she's all over it. Some people get desperate, some people change how they view someone. I know what I look for in a girl has changed over the past few years. And then again she just might've lied about not liking him to spare you the uncomfortable feeling about your best bud liking your bf. Then again that's prolly not likely as she's now screwing him right after you broke up.

I know it's not easy to say sweetie but if this is seriously bothering you and you've already told your friend that it's sort of upsetting you, it might be time to move on. I personally know how good it feels to stay in a toxic relationship and how damaging it is at the same time. When you leave them both behind you might feel free of having to put up with their BS but at the same time empty cuz they're not there anymore. It's a double edged sword, darned if ya do darned if ya don't.

Whatever ya do though I hope you cheer up and are happy with your decision. I don't like seeing you upset like this!
DaRkSiDe | 16:31
Your best friend might not take you as a best friend in that case! You may take her for a best friend, but to her, you are just another friend. Friends don't steal friend's mate without consultant with you, I say go find some new friends!
wsaswim | 20:17
max and darkside thanks and ur right i do need to talk to her and possibly my ex she prob lied to me!1 thanks! i'll give it a try....
SomeCallMeMaxx | 21:17
Best of luck girl.
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