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music_babe | 11:24
ok, i dunno if this is in the right category but i will start it here anyway.
the deal is that i haven't spoken nor seen my grandad in over 2 years. He had this huge fight with my mother bcoz he was being a b*stard and not caring for anyone else and they didn't speak for ages. now i don't want you to think that my mum stopped us seeing him, but she gave us the choice and we chose not to. (we being my younger sister and i) My randad wrote several letters to us and accused my mother of stopping us seeing him and in return i gave him the option of ever seeing us or the other person. He chose the other person and then didn't speak again. THat was a couple of years ago and now he's started writing to us again saying how he misses us and how he was wrong. The problem is, he has hurt my entire family so much that i will never forgive him for it. He seems to think he can just come back into our lives and everything will be fine. He came around to day to deliver christmas cards and only i was in. He said how much he missed us and how he was wrong etc, but then tried to shift the blame onto my mum and my uncle. I'm really really p*ssed of at him and his ****ing lies he tells everyone. He wants to see me next year to talk things through as he has finally excepted that i'm old enough to make my own choices, but i'm not sure if i want to go.
if you were me and you really hated this man, would you go???? plz help bcoz i can't ask my family as they will say make up your own mind.

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music_babe | 11:27
but i need reasons to say y or y not i should go
lilrocker821 | 12:22
Hey Celeste i need your help finding our little chat thingy, im sorry for some reason i didn't get it into my bookmarks so i can't find it!
SomeCallMeMaxx | 15:59
I'd go.

I'd be more interested in what he has to say for himself than anything. It'd be nice to put hardships behind and get a little closure on the whole thing, like why he did what he did and how he's going to make up for it. Besides Christmas cards and saying he's sorry. He may be old but there's still a lot he can do to show he's sorry. He seems quite upset by the whole thing too, so maybe he is sorry. Still blaming your mom and uncle though shows he might not be totally over what happened, but it's better than nothing. I'd like to find out what's going on in his mind still, and if he's worth the time of day.

But if you really hate his man, your own family, and don't want to see him at all for whatever reason, then don't. Don't do something you don't want to do.

If there's any doubt in your mind, do it. Go see him.

yawn | 17:21
your so smart maxx
Oedipus | 17:23
I think I'm missing something...

What other person did your grandfather choose over you and your family?
funkyseaweed | 17:27
Hi. My best friend is in a similar situation with her godmother, who had a big argument with her mum 6 years ago and didn't speak to them after that. But then, she decided out of the blue to go see them. She called my friend's mum and organised a date, two weeks later, to see them. Anyway, my friend then found out that her godmother was dying of cancer, and that's why she wanted to see them.

I would say, take the chance. My friend was crying about it because she didn't know if she wanted to see her godmother anyway after all that had happened. But she did, last weekend, and she texted me to say it went ok.

Do go and see him, talk about it. Find out what his side of the story is, and why he didn't talk to family for so long. I mean, if you really hate him, maybe don't go, but try to talk to him about how you feel as well... If you're mad at him, tell him. That's the only way you could get some understanding between you, but if you decide not to talk to him, that's cool.
music_babe | 17:06
thanx you lot!!!!
i'm still not sure wat i'm gonna do, but i have loads to think about now.
i don't blame you for being confused Oedipus, i kinda left out bits of the story so i'm surprised anyone undetstood.
SerenaVenus | 00:42
I only know that family is family...worth trying?
i_am_yo_god | 19:22
how do i make a topic that others can respond to?
xcr4zyx | 19:25
Go into the right category and then at the top right corner it says "start topic" and there we go!
radiate86 | 21:44
I'd go because you'll probably always wonder what might have happened if you didn't. Plus, he seems like he is sorry, but doesn't feel as if he's totally to blame.
bub | 23:41
Go, at least then you can find out what he has to say.And i reconits best to regret what you did do than what you didnt do.
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