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What should I say.

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Juice_Indeed | 10:01
heres the deal, ive seen a girl a few times over the holidays that i have really started to like. The problem, not only do i not know her, or anything at all about her, she works in a busy department store, and i dont know how to ask her if she wants to go out for a coffee. Im not sure if i should ask her at work....

Girls i need your help!!!

p.s she digs my iron maiden shirt, so immediatly she gets a bounus +10 points, and gives me an even bigger need to get to know her.

chawl87 | 10:48
seriously, just ask her if she wants to go for a coffee sometime- just like u said! She will be flattered!
Juice_Indeed | 10:51
thanks, i guess im just worried that either she has a big a$$ boyfriend that sells rifles in sporitng goods, or that the lady behind me with her wal-mart crap is going to see me get right shot down. rejection sucks
chawl87 | 11:00
i love walmart! but thats because we don't have walmart where i live haha. I'm not sure if this is going to work or not, but when you ask her (all casually and cooly of course), be all like, hey do u wanu go get a coffee/to a moive/ride a bike sometime? then laugh and say, "unless you're too busy with one of your other boyfriends of course!" then that gives her the perfect opening to say, no i'd love too! or yea, i actually do have a boyfriend or whatever, then u can be all nonchalant and all oh yep thats cool whatever and not feel to shot down!
but u know, i've never asked some one out before, so like i'd have a clue!? guys are so brave! i admire them lol
Groovejet | 11:01
Yeah - just ask. And could you possibly care less what a fat old lady thinks about you when she hears you ask the girl out?! She'll forget it right away anyway, and you won't see her ever again in your life. And about a big a$$ bf - how are you supposed to know if she has a bf?! And even if she does - he's not standing next to her, is he?
The girl will be very flattered, even if she won't be able to go with you.
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