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radiate86 | 18:28
I'd like to know if the male species actually falls for girls the way we fall for them...like, completely in love, I'd do anything for you. It's happened to me before, but it was sorta stalkerish. I just want to know if it ever happens. I feel like guys just don't understand.
ravenskiss | 18:30
i think they do but i'm not male i just have alot of male friends
SomeCallMeMaxx | 23:45
Here's my obsessive love story.

I met this girl over the net and she lived in Canada. Yes, she was real . We talked every night on the net for at least an hour, if one of us couldn't show up we'd leave the other an offline message, on ICQ, and both of us have been really sick and still stayed up late. I was up til 6am on a school night(or day as it was lol) cuz we got into a fight and I didn't wanna leave her upset. I called her a lot, about $500-worth-of-phone-cards a lot. We'd talk til the battery in my phone would die. My nights were spent talking to her and my evenings were spent with friends. I'd do anything for her, and I did. I flew up there by myself when I was 16, payed for the plane ticket and all, and had $1000 on me to spend on us, not what I wanted, but us. I got home with about $50, a broken heart, and tears in my eyes. She dumped me for her ex while I was up there. I let her have it when I got home. ^^

So yea! Guys fall in love as hard as girls do, but we might not show it all the time. And some guys are just jerks and after 2 years of dating still don't care if they get dumped.
awww thats such a good/sad story. i just had to comment lol
aflackoh6 | 23:54
aww, i'm sorry..
Juice_Indeed | 10:07
Guys totally fall head over heels.

some of us we get really goofy. I once fell totally in love with this girl, but for whatever reason my brain had, i would never talk to her. when i did i turned into a complete jackass, once i saw her at a place where i was trying on clothes, and i totally tripped over a display case. after i cleaned up the case i walked out of the store, not realizing i was wearing the pants i was trying on, and was accused of stealing the pants. all cause love has a insanely ironic way of showing the other person you like them.
Schatzi | 10:17
lol...^^ aw thats cute!

I'm sorry Nate
vandy | 10:21
I don't know how you'd measure this...but they say girls fall in love more often but when guys fall, they fall harder.
creep84 | 10:45
of course guys fall as hard as girls, there is no doubt that we do, its just that guys are sometimes a lot better at hiding it than girls are because we want to look cool amd matcho in front of our mates.
SomeCallMeMaxx | 15:44
You...know who I am. Hrm.

Girls fall in love more often than boys but boys fall harder....I like that saying vandy!
Dekar | 16:52
I think everyone falls in love the same way. Of course, this is considering it's "falling in love" rather than a little crush or mild attraction.

When I fall in love, it'll be for the same reason every guy falls in love, and why every girl falls in love: it will be for somebody I want to be with. Someone who's fun, intelligent, attractive. Somebody who won't be hard to spend time with. All that other stuff is just details.
punkrawqer | 18:32
well i kno i have and probably still will sometimes i wish i haden't but really most guys do
Tidus8605 | 19:35
i get completely obsessed with the girls i am in love with...For example, for the past 4 years i have liked my best friend. She don't like me that way. When I am around any of my other friends i can't stop thinking about her, i can't stop talking about her. At night i dream about her. I can't do anything to really get her off my mind. So i'd say yeah, guys do fall for girls the way girls fall. They're probably worse than girls.
XxX | 19:59
Oh...so Matt, you're looking for someone just like me?!?
DaRkSiDe | 21:29
yes we do, we are just like girls ourselves, we want attention and we want to be loved I'm the kind of guy that would do anything for my significant other and I mean anything!!! Being with the one you love is greater than anything
DNA_Maniac | 22:23
i fal in love just once..
and i wish to newer happen it again to me if all will finish this way..
well i m still in love..

girls n boys both fall in love and deep as much as others..
and both sides got jerks..

i newer say 'i love u' to any of my girlfriends..
and i newer will untill i really do..

maybe it would be better if noones says i love u when it s not real..

DNA_Maniac | 22:25
* offtopic :
hi annie
lilrocker821 | 22:32
...can some1 pleaase explain to me exactly how you do the freekin offtopic thingy!!!!???? *screams*
radiate86 | 22:53
Awww Max and Juice, that's cute! Thanks guys, that makes me feel better.

* offtopic :
Hi Levent! (I'm walking to ya on MSN now)

lilrocker...when you want to do offtopic, you simply click the "offtopic" button at the top before you start typing what you want to be offtopic. When you are done typing what you want to be offtopic, you click the "offtopic" button again.
El_Mono_Loco | 23:13
I'm a guy and I dunno. But I can say this, I fell head over heels for my first gf, and she for me, but due to the nature of the breakup I have yet to care about someone that much and I feel as if my heart refuses to love anyone since and I don't know if it ever will again.
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