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Falling for friends...

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funkyseaweed | 23:26
I was just wondering, does anyone here really like a friend as more than a friend, and does that friend know that you do?

Cos it keeps happening to me. Almost always, when I make friends with a guy, I end up having feelings for them

Although, in my experience, it generally tends to be the guys who have this problem. I know so many guys who fancy friends who are girls, but I don't think I actually know any other girls who fancy guys they're friends with...

Well, some kind of feedback would be appreciated. Thanks
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radiate86 | 18:34
vandy...I used to have control over who I liked, too. Then one day the boy I was talking about in my other post knocked down my wall that separated me from guys and ever getting hurt. Now I have far less control. It was cool though, if I started to like someone, I could talk myself out of it. Now that's rare. But it's good in a way cause I take more chances on guys, cause ya never know what might happen.
LPE | 18:36
It happened with me.

I liked him,
He liked me,
We fell out,
We hate each other.

Not exactly the ending i wanted.
i guess it all depends on the person just because...
i met this one kid and we totally hit it off and then we went out and then we broke up, but we then started to get to know each other better and we became good friends and then in august we went out again and then we broke up.. and now its like we are brother and sister.. so who knows..
later all
SerenaVenus | 00:28
it has happened a few times...I stopped it before I got too serious... Right now I have many _good_ boy friends and they're just too friends to be anything else...u know??
SerenaVenus | 00:29
"I liked him,
He liked me,
We fell out,
We hate each other. "

Happens every day...sad, but true.
im dating my bestfriend..... he is the best guy ever.....
we were rly good friends, and i thought i would nvr like him (he had liked me on and off since nov. 2002) and then this summer i started 2 like him, and then i liked him more and more, and then he asked me out in september ....
.....but anyways, b4 it happened, he promised we'd still be friends and hed always love me no matter what....so ya....i say, that just as long as you talk about the consequences before, then you should do what your heart tells you is right....
xpierre_fanx | 03:24
I fall for friends all the time too! This time I think I've fallen too deeply though, for the wrong person, and I've gotten myself into a bad situation. And he doesnt know about it because I'm afraid to tell him (even though we're really close friends).

Relationships with friends are great because you can still do the same types of things friends do, and you're really comfortable being with the person, but if you break up it makes being around that person become more awkward. This I know is true but still can't stop thinking about the guy I like (a good friend of mine *sigh*)

Good luck with your friend !
xcr4zyx | 03:32
Grr i fall very easily it sucks soo much .. most of the guys i meet i usually start to like even thought they wanna be friends.. it really sucks .. REALLY ...
funkyseaweed | 04:19
Lol well, since starting this topic, I've done it again. I've fallen big time for another friend

He has a girlfriend, although he likes me, and I don't think that's right.

I guess I'm just going to keep falling for friends, cos they're the people I spend the most time with...
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