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Guys, this is for you. [ christmas ]

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rhiann | 19:45
Ok. So this topic has been driving me slightly insane. Guys. And Christmas gifts. What is it with them? More specifically, boyfriends. What the hell are you supposed to get them? Now, I've asked this question a bunch of times, and still have yet to get a straight answer. I've gotten ametur do-it-yourself porn [ uh, thanks guys, but I don't think I'll be doing that any time soon ], yourself wrapped in a red ribbon and nothing else... [ ] Guys say that girls are hard to shop for. I beg to differ. Get her a pretty silver necklace, and she'll be like, aww...it's so romantic and sweet. Then again, I could be biased, seeing how I am a girl... Now, I don't want all the girls [ and guys ] hating me here, because I know everyone is different...blah......ok. Before I p*ss everyone off...let me get to my question.

Guys, what's something that a girl could get you for christmas/a gift that is sweet and romantic?

And girls, what's something that you've gotten your boyfriends?

Thanks guys...

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ravenskiss | 19:47
i know i have a male friend and i spent the whole of sunday trying to find something for him.
QueenDarling | 19:49
sometimes it really pays off to be jewish... i dont havta worry bout christmas presents... mwahahaa
Dekar | 19:51
Step 1: Get a videocamera
Step 2: Put it above the showerhead in your bathroom
Step 3: Take a shower.
Step 4: Remove the camera.
Step 5: Secretly reinstall the camera before your sister takes a shower too.
Step 6: Get the camera and wrap up the film for the guy.
Step 7: Wait for his eternal gratitude.
Step 8: Ignore me, I'm a pervert.
Rass | 19:52
what is it that i gave my bf that is now my ex? hm, a coupon saying "i will not hit you for a full month" which lucky for me he lost (cackles)

why do you need to get him a romantic gift anyways? if he's your man you should know him well enough to know what he wants as a gift, it doesn't have to be overly romantic or anything, just something that shows you know him, trust me, a guy aint gonna care if it's romantic or not, in the end it comes down to "can i use it or is it just your way of being romantic"

in my experience of watching humans and their courting and loving and stuff that makes me go "ewww! inappropriate show of affection!" and run screaming out of the room i've noticed the best gift to give your guy is something he can use in some way and something that shows just how much you know and understand him

for example, last christmas my sis in law gave my brother a teddy bear with a greenbay packer sweater on, and he was over joyed, any other guy i know would have been like "eh..yeah..thanks hun" but my brother was like exstatic and then there was some more of that inappropriate show of affection
ravenskiss | 19:54
dekar that is brilliant or you could just dump your bf so you don't have to buy him a pressie
how bout sumthin thats not tipical like aftershave or clothes and things like that. Get him something different that he'd never thought he would get like...erm...oh I duno but you should be able 2 think of sumthin! Good luck!


Masterful_Ally | 12:52
What kind of guy do you have, there?

If he's a vin guy (does he actually look in the mirror before he laves the house) get him an intem of clothing, or something poncy like that new Titanium blade razor (as long as he is old enough to shave, lol)

If he's a computer guy (when he comes round does he spend more time on the playstation with your brother than he does with you?) get him some stupid computer accessory - the more riciulously uneccessary it seems to you the better.

If he's a comic freak (does he panic when you near the 'comic' section of his bedroom?) then buy him anything with 'Limited Edition' written on the front.

If he's a sports freak, anything sporty will do. Sports freaks are mad, they actually like spending time outdoors doing energetic stuff, so buy him something he can go amuse himself with

See, men can be simple.
SomeCallMeMaxx | 18:29
Food. Cook food. Lots of it. Good food. Food for eating.


I love a simple, practical gift. Like food. Knowing a man's favorite dish and making it for him, at least me, might make his jaw drop with drool sure to follow. Most people are missing something in their lives, like another sweater or romantic time in private, try and fill that gap. You can be cliche and get cologne for him, but be forewarned there's a reason it's cliche. If you're intimate you can give him a gift with a note inside saying "Meet me in the bedroom" and be waiting for him. A nice "IOU (fill-in-the-blank)" is cool, like a back rub or something.

Best gift I ever gave? My first kiss on a girl's golden b-day. She was a great indian-giver
PenguinGirly | 19:25
Get him a stuffed animal. Something that's more goofy than cutesy, that'll fit his personality.

Like - I gave one guy a stuffed frog. I bought another guy a stuffed monkey, but that guy turned out to be a jerk before I gave him the monkey, so now I'm stuck with it.

I'll give you the monkey to give to your boyfriend.
I was having this problem too so what I ended up getting him was this cologne that i loved, and i made him a bear at Build A Bear, and he absolutly loved it! I honestly think that it is just the thought that counts.

Kickink192 | 02:20
dek's got the right idea.
radiate86 | 18:29
Dek, you're hilarious.
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