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this is a little dirrty

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Chrissi11 | 00:27
Okay my boyfriend and i have been going out for like 3 months, and lately we have been all over eachother, but jus making out. he wants me to give him head. i want to but i have some regrets, this being my first time and all. my friend told me it tastes really bad. does anyone have any sugesstions?

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IrishMeg1 | 02:03
aww please dont be mean to gavi
*sniff sniff*
DaRkSiDe | 02:04
what did you say Thrisa?
yinyang_soul | 02:05
i said vanig is a *profanity excluded*........thats about it.....
SomeCallMeMaxx | 03:50
So you wanna give head but might have regrest cuz it's your first time.

Here's my opinion about the whole thing. I don't think it's right to start anything sexual before 13. Yea, that's young to a lot of people but there's kids out there having sex at 13. So 15 isn't a big deal. You shouldn't worry about age anyway. Different people develop at different ages and find it appropriate at different times. I've had it after dating a girl for about a week, and I've dated one for more than a year without anything futher than kissing. A lot of people might call you sl*tty for it but that's their opinion about sexual things, not yours. Make your own and be proud of it.

Don't feel pressured by anyone to do this, especially the guy. Do it(oral, sex, anything) when you feel ready. And above all else decide when you want to before you get into the heat of the moment. Like they say, "Don't shop when you're hungry because you buy too much."

And...uh...it doesn't always taste bad. It can though, but that's why I have honey on hand.

heh, ali, your right, 'someone' is going to close this lol.

chrissi: i wish you all the best of luck with everything & although you thought this is the right category for this sort of thing, the point still remains that this is a music forum. next time you or anyone has any questions or whatever about this sort of thing, perhaps you should register at www.studentcentre.org, there is a number of forums on different sexuality areas including an 'ask' one, which you might benefit from.

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