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do u ever like sum1 just cuz u cant have them?

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samara | 01:57
i was going out w/this guy, and after we broke up i didnt like him...at all! but he still liked me, later, he got a new gf and i started obsessing over him! has that ever happened to you, do you think thats whats happening to me? like i just wnat him cuz i cant have him anymore?
El_Mono_Loco | 02:05
I'd say so, I've been in the position where I find myself attacted to my female friends because they see me as just friends, same goes for girls who have bfs, they become more appealing, but I've never felt that way for an ex, but it's very common.
Yes, is probably that...that happened to me once, just like you case, and after a while a found out one more thing...it was just thinking that I'll never had his attention again...that was freaking me out and making me want to go get him...but I let myself chill out, and realized that I lost my chance, and after a while I moved on, and probably you will too
mannolewen | 03:02
Yeah. I used to do that all the time. It really wasnt good for the rep. My personal opinion is that when you are with someone you see them....the real them. Then when you are apart from them you dont allow yourself to see them as a person. Also if they are going out with someone else (in the sence "you cant have them") it may just be a jealousy. Like you wish you could be in their place. But realitionships look so much better from the outside dont they?
hurleysk8r05 | 03:03
it happens to the best of us.

(never to me though. ha.)

PenguinGirly | 05:02
I've liked someone I couldn't have. In that situation right now, in fact. It sucks monkey.

But I wouldn't say that I like him just because I can't have him.
SomeCallMeMaxx | 05:05
My ex told me it was like that little "red button" that people tell you not to push, but just cuz you can't push it makes you wanna do it anyhow. Forbidden fruit baby! However, when I got attraced to an ex it was usually because I hadn't seen them for a while and got some distorted, more "perfect for me," image of them. Which made me want them(or my illusion of them) even more......total pain in the butt!

I've never wanted someone out of jealousy, though. But I always tend to be attracted to girls that're already taken. Oh, the single life.
El_Mono_Loco | 10:35
*Agrees completely with mannolewen's final question*
Jez | 10:41
* offtopic :
Mattie! You ************ ***** ****!!!!! Where the hell have you been?! And don't use the study reason... that doesn't wash with me!
El_Mono_Loco | 10:43
You know me, I don't study! That's why I have finals next week and I'm on here, lol.

No man, today I turned in my 55 page research paper I've been working on a minimum of 10 hours a day for the last 2 weeks, so I'm relaxing, plus I only have finals in 2 of my 5 classes, so I'm stoked about that.
sum1special | 20:18
I had a friend who I thought was the nicest guy ever and I would always txt him+have a laugh cos we both are into horses.When I was out 1 nite his girl's mate came up and threatened me to stop talking to him (she were jealous that he asked me out a few months ago but I turned him down)and he saw her threatening me+asked wat she said so I told him.He told me not to listen to her(which I thought was soo sweet)and the thought of not being friends with him made me like him even more so I snogged him after he broke up with his girl.We randomly see each other and are now discussing going out!
radiate86 | 21:21
Oh goodness, yes.

There was this kid and he liked me for three years. And I knew it. And we'd talk a lot and he'd always bluntly flirt with me, and we eventually hooked up. I thought he was cool and all, but I never really liked him. Then we went on a class trip to Spain and he hooked up with some other girl (this was like a month after us, cause he knew I didn't like him), and I didn't really care. But the more I thought about it, it drove me insane, cause I wanted him to like me, and he eventually went out with her (and broke up), but he didn't like me, and that made him more appealing. I don't know if I really liked him or what. But it definitely drove me insane.

But that happens a lot...if I think someone likes me, I don't really like them that much, but if they start to drift away...they're all the more appealing.
XxX | 22:42
Yeah,its wanting what you cant have...
I didn't want Shawn as much untill my roomate wanted him too..lol.
soccerchick | 02:02
That always happens to me when I have a boyfriend. I always want someone else, then when I get them, I wanna go back to what I left behind. It's just chaos. Then I usually get screwed over because of the way I handled both people.
samara | 01:54
damn! thats exactly how i feel, i never really liked him until he started going out with ome other chick, now i drive myself crazy thinking about them together...like we once were ugh, what did any of you do to get past that feeling?
eves_sin | 01:58
that hapopens to me all the time it sux
pidgeonbabe | 02:07
i know exactly how u feel! ive been going out with my bf for 4 months (its a long distance relatiosship) and i met this new guy and i know i cant do n e thing with him cuz i luv my bf ... but hes so damn hot! haha
it's happened
yes yes...makes them more attractive i gues...
xcr4zyx | 02:09
doesnt it happen to everyone ... i always seem to find myself liking guys who already have gfs grr its weirded
Kickink192 | 02:09
* offtopic :
bri, thanks for sticking up for me earlier, i appreciate it
XxNirvanaxX | 02:14
I don't think so...for me to like someone in that way takes a lot...you could say I don't trust people in relationships, and to like someone for that reason isn't something I'd do.
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