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Parents separated.

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Okay, so my parents separated about 4/5 years ago. And it hurt like hell, it still does. But i got over that part.

I love my dad and live with him, but his attention is all on his girlfriend and its never me and him anymore, we used to be a team, now theres nothing. He shouts at me all the time and i just wish it was like it was before.

My mum lives miles away and i just need her here to tell me its okay and to wrap me up in a hug. But she cant because she's not here.

I cry myself to sleep most nights, or sometimes i dont sleep, hence the fact im writing this at 00.04. How can i sort this / feel better?!

fishmunky | 01:01
Nothing you can do, The reality is your dad sucks at time management, you need to sit him own and calmly and rationally explain your position (note this does not mean swear at him or throw a tantrum) explain your side, according to your profile it reads that you are 16, meaning you are on the pathway to being an adult, so now would be a good time to practice acting like one.

another thing to consider is that your dad probably needs someone new in his life romantically, if your putting down his g/f or whatever it sees it as an attack on the choices he's making, again if she not good enough for your dad tell him so, but not in the middle of a shouting match

He needs to make time for you, i agree, he can't forget he's got a kid, but at the same time you need to give him room to grow with his new relationship, in the same way you wouldn't him hovering over you if you had a boy over, he needs some space here as well.

Look divorces and shiz are never easy, believe me i can relate, the answer here is calmness and logic, explain your position, if he loses his temper you walk away until he calms down, its never easy for a parents to have their stuff called out by their kids, but he needs to hear it, and if you do it without resorting to tears or a shouting match your point is all the more effective
Bucephalus | 02:02
Accept life for what it is, realize most homes arent perfect stories or happy endings... You take what you got and make the mos tout of it... Like Anthony said, talk to him about it, just don't come off a snobby teen. Put yourself in his shoes though, hes trying to complete his life with a woman and im sure it isn't easy dating someone new and having kids to another woman.
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