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my granddad is dying:(

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Stomper47 | 23:49
hi everybody
I wasnt sure where to but this, so I put it in relationships.
My granddad, who is 70 and I'm really close too, is dying.
His kidneys are failling and he's been sick for a long time now. Been on dyaliss(sp?) for 2 years now. So umm ya.
I went to see him in Vancover(b.c. canada) today. He looks really good (good for him anyways). The docters took him off all meds.
So yea.
I might be on the forum more or less..... I'm really stressed out.
buh byez
Dream27 | 23:50
aww. I hope he get's much better. It hurts to see someone you care and love die.
RKLAM | 23:51
you poor thing. i hope he gets better! hugs!
Omg Stomper, I'm so sorry.... I hope he's feeling right and not going through a lot of pain... a really close aunt died from cancer about 6 months ago and I know what is like to see your loved one getting sicker... just hold on and try to spend more time with him... it's the best thing you can do, make him feel as comfortable as you can, and think that if he's really sick maybe it's better this way... you have my sympathies...
eeyoresoul | 00:57
I don't know you, but I'm really sorry. My grandpa was given 6 months to live in the holiday season for 2001, and died in march of 2002 (just a day after I saw him) His kidneys failed, he had cancer and it spreaded fast.
Milita | 01:13
I'm sorry Stomper... I've been there and it's really awful, my grandad passed away on 1999 after a couple years with cancer... it was a terrible experience, watch him consume with this sickness... I hope you can find the strength to keep going on and the resignation to understand that maybe only then he will rest and the pain will be over, this thought kept me standing even though I felt like hell... in some way, he'll be in a better place, just like my granddad....
XxNirvanaxX | 06:54
I hope he gets bettter. *hugs*
Jigger | 07:41
Hey Stomper...I know what your going through. So if you ever need to talk this is the best place to come and get stuff off your chest. There is always someone online who is willing to listen. It is almost like a big family. So I hope you and your grandfather are doing better.

Groovejet | 08:05
Oh I'm so sorry to hear this. When my granparents died I just kept in mind that that's the way it happens and nobody lives forever and that they had good lives that they were happy about, and that they kindof wanted to die already, and that made it easier for me.
It will be fine.
QUPNCY | 04:11
aww tobi, i'm sorry to hear this, but there's not much you or anyone can do, you really just have to let nature take it's course & hopefully, he will get better soon, all you can do is just pray i guess. you seem to be spending a little time with him too which is good, try & do as much as that as possible. i wish you all the luck with everything & understand how hard it must be.
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