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xpierre_fanx | 04:45
Ok, I have this posted somewhere under Special Moments bc I wanted a song for it; now I just need some advice...

I've known this guy for awhile now.. he's cute, nice, and really funny. We became closer friends recently, talking a lot in school and late at night online. I think I like him.. but the problem is : He likes my friend (I'll call her A). "A" is also close friends with him, and knows he likes her, but doesnt feel the same about him. She thinks that they would make the perfect couple though, if she had the time for a boyfriend and she wanted to be more than just friends with him. She also says that she thinks another friend of ours, who I will call "B", should go out with him.

I know that the guy likes my friend a lot, and I'm trying to decide whether to keep liking him, or just be friends.
DarkEpiphany | 05:06
How do you plan on making yourself "stop" liking him? Because last time I checked...you couldn't control that stuff.
carole | 01:19
(yeah that last post is a good point)

Yeah too many pple involved in that !
Just what does this guy feel for u? Cuz u say he likes this person and that person likes him, and blabla, but what about u and him?

Having said that, i think when someone tells u they like your friend, its generally too late for u to take a chance. I mean, u're already in the "friend zone", the zone where u're here to give advice, and potentially match your friends together... Im aware it sounds bad.
Well thats my opinion, i could be wrong tho, since everybody differ on this kind of thing
yea i agree
xpierre_fanx | 23:07
Yeahh it's hard for me to stop liking someone, but eventually I could get over it. as for how he feels about me, I know he likes me at least as a friend.. I've sort of given up on ever going out with him bc I'd have like 2 of my friends hating me for it. My friend he likes told everyone that she would turn him down, and then when he began to show interest in another girl, she got really p*ss*d and started crying over it even though she said she didnt like him. but I know that even though she can get really emotional over some of this stuff, I wouldnt want to screw up a friendship over a guy.. maybe even 3 friendships, if you include the girl he showed a bit of interest for, and him if I were to go out with him and it not work out. So I'm sort of gonna give up on this one..

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xpierre_fanx | 23:11
I've tried to be a supportive friend, though. Even though my friend said she didnt want to go out with him, I've still tried to be supportive of them together.. it's not like I've been resenting them this whole time.
xpierre_fanx | 00:45
Nevermind, he finally decided to go out with another girl, and I finally figured out that even if he liked me, I don't think we would work out as a couple right now.
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