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I don't know if maybe I've said something out of place, insulted you, or hurt you in any way, but if I have then I'm sorry, truely sincerely sorry. I saw that you were online right now and I've actually been wanting to patch up whatever holes I've made in our friendship.

Anyway, Petra, if you see this, then I'm sorry. I know I can be hot-headed at times, I get in trouble with my parents about that from time to time. I'm not trying to be sarcastic or mean, I sincerely apologize for anything I've said or done
Plantagenet | 14:49

first of all, it's very nice of you to appoligise, but actually, it's not really that you have to do it, not to me anyway...

well, I guess you and I sometimes just have our differences in things, in ideas and values. That I think is strange, regarding that we are both catholics, i thought we would have the same values, but it seems not so.

I know I can be hard sometimes, to anyone, when it comes to things I'm interested in or passionate about, but the only thing I ever wanted to do is make people see another point of view, therefor not a better, I mean, I'm not going to claim to be the only one who's right. In contrary, I want to show people an opposite view, cause I have learned the most of such views, opposite to mine.

some people think I always want to prove them wrong, perhaps you think that too, but I don't really intend to do that, I only hope ppl start thinking about their own ideas thouroughly, to make them see that their wisdom is not nessisarily the truth (what's the truth anyway?). I also want people to think about what they write before they write it, specially on very hard and sensitive subject, cause it's very easy to hurt people. An dI don't want any more hurt in thsi world that there already is...

Now, it's not so much me you ever offended, it's other people, you'll probably know what I'm talking about...I think you should rather apoligise to them other than me...

but thanks anyway, it was nice of you...
Plantagenet | 15:01
* offtopic :
bull, that was full of mistakes! lol
Well it's good to know that (to use a kindergarten phrase) you're not mad at me. I mean you can only take so much of Petra being angry and then you melt.

You're probably right and I need to try to patch up the little (large?) holes in my reputation.

I'll be doing that tonight when I get back from babysitting for a four-year old and her barbies.

Thank you for your reproaches, every little of it helps.
Plantagenet | 08:51
hey, it's fince, I mean, you're still young and you'll learn it all in time, i never meant to be angry at you, i think we're both a bit stubborn at times

oh, barbie-dolls.....i wish I was still a kid!!!!
hehe, i love happy endings. Group hug! okay i'm sorry *hangs head*
Plantagenet | 10:18
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