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how do you tell a friend to shut up?

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Rass | 11:23
dood, one of my best friend people just wont freakin shut up about her stupid lil life not that she's like b*tching or anything, she's always all happy about it, kind of like she's trying to brag or something, it was okay for the first two days but it's all she has freakin talked to me about for the past week and a half and i'm so annoyed with her now, i just want to tell her to shut up, or block her on msn and avoid her or something

i mean come on, it's the part of her life i'm not connected to, never have been and never will be so why is she all talking about it all the time to me now?

okay i'm done now, thanks for listening to me rant, oh yeah and does anyone know how i can tell her to shut up and not be so mean about it?
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tell her to shut up or you'll bust a cap in her a*se lol sorry okay......
POP OUT SAVE saving ...
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