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Vista Service Pack 1 is here!

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andro | 18:05
Well, about time that Vista SP1 reached us. I just got a mailshot from Microsoft TechNet:

Windows Vista SP1 Contains Over 200 Major Improvements

Deploying a major new Operating System is never straightforward. But we believe Windows Vista SP1 is an update that covers not only the expected security and performance patches, but also provides added capabilities to make the environment more manageable and robust.

The Operating System You've Been Waiting for

In the past 14 months the Windows ecosystem has matured, with over 2,500 applications and over 15,000 devices earning either the 'Works with Windows Vista' or 'Certified for Windows Vista' logo.

Around 100 top selling applications and 46 of the top 50 downloaded applications on Download.com are now compatible with Windows Vista.

The Smoothest Possible Transition

Windows Update has also helped us understand which additional device drivers were needed - since the original Windows Vista launch, the number of additional drivers on Windows Update has grown from 13,000 to more than 54,000.

So, What's Really New in SP1?

As with any Service Pack release, Windows Vista SP1 incorporates all the previously released updates to help protect your PCs and reduce disruption.

You might be surprised to hear that Windows Vista had less than half the security vulnerabilities after its first year in market that Windows XP did, and fewer than any other operating system available today. That said, we still had work to do, and the automated delivery tools (such as Windows Update, WSUS, SMS or third-party tools) helped ensure that PCs running Windows Vista were able to stay current, even before the availability of SP1.

As you look at Windows Vista SP1, there are six areas IT professionals should take a close look at:

1. Reliability
2. Performance
3. Administration
4. Emerging technologies and standards
5. Application and hardware compatibility
6. Security

So, Microsoft is really pushing up the good side of Vista now that they've finally released the first service pack. The big question is: have they finally sorted the really horriffic stuff that made Vista more crap than American primetime TV? We'll find out soon!
PunkRckr8 | 18:08
you leave American TV out of this
JDolla | 03:20
i think he has a valid point about both vista and american tv
zjenn4 | 04:25
what does this mean?! Does this mean some of the many vista issues I have will be fixed?! AH!
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