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andro | 07:37
Hey folks, I could really use some help here

As some of you know already, I've been taking part in the Guild Wars' Most Wanted screenshot competition on the Guild Wars Guru forums. This morning, myself and the other remaining contestants were given our third assignment. For this, all of us have to copycat a well known music star.

Here's the thing - I've been told I have to do Dave Navarro, but aside from a wikipedia article and a google image search I know nothing about this guy, and as the deadline is the 9th I don't have time to do a full research project on him on my own. Could some of you lovely people please help me out here?

I need to know:
1) Is there anything unique about his performance style?
2) Are there any songs of his that I should listen to in order to get a good feel of his general style?
3) Any other little style tips that would help me convince the judges that my GW character is this guy.

Thank you all!
Juliet86 | 11:09
Toughie, I know nothing except he was married to Carmen Electra, what a useful thing to know, lol. The other ones seem more well known to me, but maybe cause Dave's more of a band person and not solo artist. But maybe that can be worked to your advantage to be someone different.
Good luck!
PunkRckr8 | 12:53
In any of his interviews he seems pretty laid back and open minded. . .but that could be a result of his active drug use in his early career.

Jane Says is a song that's still pretty popular today from Jane's Addiction, but remember he's the guitarist so you'll have to look past the other "noise".
PunkRckr8 | 12:54
also, if you search him on youtube there's quite a few interviews and some solo work that he's done
Dagor | 12:58
From the pics I've seen, there is a fairly good ressemblance between Phil's character and this Dave. But I can't say I know the guy or ever heard of his name before. I found a couple of pics from him and Carmen Electra.

Time to try to find a couple of things then! *digs into the depths of the internet*
Cheater138 | 14:19
I vaguely remember watching the show MTV did about his and Carmen Electra's wedding. Like Tim said, he seemed like a very laid back guy. If I remember right he cried during the ceremony, lol.
He did guitar for some Christina Aguilera song at an award show once too. I still remember that cuz i was wondering wtf he was doing that.
I would just suggest getting on youtube and watching whatever videos you can find of him to get an idea of what he's like.

... and don't forget the guitar.
andro | 03:13
Thanks folks! And thanks to the people who PM'd me some suggestions

There's still time before I have to start the photoshoots - keep the good stuff coming
zjenn4 | 03:25
Alrighty Phil dearest,

I don't know if you still need help with this topic, but I did some minor research and found a couple of potentials for you. Although, I know who Dave Navarro is, I don't know much about him myself. Here are some of the sites I found, I don't know if they are what you are looking for, but maybe you can find something useful.

This site has a biography, filmography and some photos of Dave.
This site has some music samples of the bands Dave has played in. They are some of the more popular songs, and they focus on him playing (sort of).
This site is also a biography about Dave, but it has a little bit of info on his playing style.
And lastly, this site gives a few tips about how to play guitar like Dave Navarro, including some of his influences.

Well good luck!
andro | 03:48
Wow, Jen! Thank you so much!
zjenn4 | 04:00
you are welcome luv! always glad and willing to help out a friend if i can.
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