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Madden Nfl 08 Questions.

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JewUnit | 01:18
Well this is my first real topic in which could be a year.. but my question is to all you Madden fans..

During the game, if your playing LB or CB and your running downfield and your back is to the QB, what button moves you into facing the line? ( I know there's a button for it ).

Also, does anyone else experience alot of lag between screen changes?

(PS I play ps2)
Bucephalus | 01:31
I believ eit is R1. I never really have that problem, but I know R1 on pass plays will make the guy you are controlling face the ball..

and I do not experience lag...are you tlaking online or just normal play?
JewUnit | 10:56
oh hey Curt..

uhh the lag is just normal single player game.. but speaking of online... madden online is brutal. The lag and also in a game all you gotta do is zip it to Randy Moss or Chad Johnson in the endzone everytime.

It could be I just have a junk PS2.
MisterEMan | 13:24
I know what you mean with the lag. Like when once you pick your play, the screen will change, but it will take a couple seconds for the huddle animation to begin.

As for turning around, I know its one of the L or R buttons, I just cant remember off the top of my head.
Bucephalus | 15:59
Ok, I do sorta know what you mean...I just played and kinda see the lag, I think I am just used to it by now and dont notice it..

I can't play online at college yet...Still trying to illegally rig up something at the moment...but my brother plays online.. We used to be in and help run a lot of leagues... if you play online a lot, I suggest joining a league. Everyone has a team and can make trades or whatever with other owners of other teams...and it's all fair play, no bullshit no huddles or trick plays that work everytime..

And yeah, EA Sports can suck on my cock. It's been like 3 years since they came out with Online franchises, and they still don't work. Half the time the servers are down... EA refuses to listne to their consumers, they are assholes but there's no other football game even close... Online play sucks for ps2 and Madden... But a few years ago it was a lot worse..I never used them, but there was a defensive play qhich sacked the QB every time and a few unstoppable offensive plays.
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