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The Long Distance Relationship Thread

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Theres soo many.. and i kno sooo many.. i kno WAY too many lol so im making like a "master thread" for ALL long distance songs.. feel free to add.. if theres even any i dont kno LOL

The best ones are marked

new amsterdams - stay on the phone

** richard marx - right here waiting**

me first and the gimme gimmes - all my lovin' (Beatles cover)

** soluna - ill be waiting for you **

bryan adams - dont let go

** lifehouse - just to be where you are **

eve 6 - leaving on a jet plane

the get up kids - ill catch you

** beach boys - wouldnt it be nice**

** 3 doors down - here without you**

evanescence - anywhere

tracy chapman - the promise

the cure - if only tonight we could sleep

** beach boys - this song wants to sleep with you tonight **

jessica simpson - where you are

josh groban - to where you are

taproot - now

** tom petty and the heartbreakers - the waiting **

aerosmith - angel

juliana theory - goodnight starlight

** poison - life goes on**

sons of the desert - too far to where you are

evan and jaron - the distance
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saralovesandy | 21:18
i have read this thread and got most the songs n love it, they all relate to how i feel. Ive been in a LDR since last july and i love it, i aint met him yet but hopefulli will be soon. Ive never had such a happy relationship and i realli do think ive found my soul mate. He is everything ive looked for. It is hard because i just wanna be with him all the time but i think absence makes the heart grow fonder and it will be so worth it wen we do meet!
Mr_Pie_Guy_69 | 00:20
Baby When You're Gone - Bryan Adams

Here For You - Ozzy Osbourne

Right Here - Staind

Lonely Day - System Of A Down
rhcps | 21:52
live forever ~ Oasis "you and i are gonna live forever"
rawr_ily | 21:49
i'm missing you by bobby tinsley =) it's the best i've heard for LDR so far. i'm in a long distance relationship right now. going stong for about a year and 2 months. we see each other like at least once a month but i know it's hard. but in the end its all worth it.

I really wanna come to see you
I really really wish I could
Maybe in a couple of weeks
Its only a couple of weeks
But even though I get to
Its 14 days I gotta get trough
Its too many days babe
And I'm really really missing you

And I miss miss miss
I'm missing you
and I don't know, how I'm gonna make it through
But I gotta gotta stay strong for us two
I'm a man, its a job that I gotta do

So I go outside and I fake a smile
But if they only knew just how many miles
Were between a love so true
I know they couldn't cope the way that we do
And I'm really really missing you


Cuz maybe one day babe,
Not too far away,
We can turn, all our dreams into memories.

(Not gonna be like this forever right?)

Baby we'll have that home,
Stars stares, all that we share..
Too many nights, over the phone.

ajolie | 03:55
does anyone have any other songs to add???
Deehaz | 08:46
transatlanticism - death cab for cutie
constellation - the juliana theory
maps - yeah yeah yeahs
5 years time - noah and the whale
ieshie_ | 00:09
wow. i didn't know that there's a thread for this. my favorite one will always be far away by nickelback. i miss my boyfriend
Lyricamel | 13:39
Other Side of the World by KT Tunstall
and can you still love me when you can't see me anymore
moliana | 21:53
I don't know if anyone's said this yet, but i think a good one is I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz.
moliana | 21:53
Oh! And Homesick...
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