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vandy | 07:35
simply put, what's more important to you?

that your bf/gf has a pretty face or a hot body?
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ginak555 | 01:34
i fink dat its not wots on tha outside its tha inside that matters tha most a person should never be judged by the book dats just wrong
Zerodaj | 01:46
blah blah blah, I just said that it wasn't a part of it, duh
Joeyy | 01:47
Your logic escapes me.
vandy | 04:55
You know, I think we have this tendency to want to completely discount the importance of physical attraction. I think we are right to not put it at the forefront. I love my sweetheart for him more than anything, but I have to be physically attracted to him, and that is a completely NORMAL, NATURAL human thing. However, I do think that our culture(s) try (tries) to push a very narrow ideal of attractiveness on us, and it limits our ability to see our own versions of physical attractiveness, but in any case...I do think physical attraction is important.
carole | 18:40
u know what's annoying? its when pple say they dont like fat pple because they're "unhealthy".
when i see a girl like this, my first reaction is not to think "omg she looks so unhealthy, she's sickly overweight". yet she is a big girl, and she must face health problems due to her extra pounds. but if u find her unattractive, is it really because u're concerned about her health? COME ON. it's just because u don't like big girls, and that's that. why even try to sugarcoat it with "oh she's unhealthy, that's unattractive"?
i don't think its horribly wrong to say "i am not attracted to big girls", everyone has different tastes. (and big girls shouldn't feel offended that some people don't like their body type, who cares, no one asked u to seduce the entire planet)

besides, think of other lifestyles that are unhealthy. for example : what do u think about severe chain smoking ? cocaine snorting ? borderline alcoholism? are those things attractive ? not really, eh? so yea, if u follow the logic "unhealthy = yuck", then this girl must truly disgust u.
other notorious chain smokers : Jessica Alba, Orlando Bloom, Cameron Diaz, Christian Bale, Kate Beckinsale, Scarlett Johansson, did they all become unattractive because they have an unhealthy habit?
/ rant.

beauty and attraction are so extremely subjective. we're influenced by the media a lot, but its still subjective and personal. when u're attracted to someone physically u dont think about their personality, their health, their moral values, their past or what they had for breakfast. its just your primal instincts that speak. and i think the initial question of this thread was about strictly physical attraction, not about if u prefer a good personality over a hot bod. (personally i like serial killers, if they have a nice smile)

also, to answer the pple who said they "have never seen a fat girl with a beautiful face", what do u think of these women ? they are all plus-size models (and i don't mean they have a few extra-pounds, they are really overweight).

And to answer the thread, face. sexual attraction plays a great part in a relationship, so a nice body is great to look at and a turn-on, but u're more likely to notice a handsome face before u notice a person's nice firm butt (and talking to a butt isn't as easy).
Joeyy | 18:46
Those women are overweight? :S They look average to me...but I do sometimes think that certain plus-size models aren't "plus size" enough.
carole | 18:54
the first pic i posted, and the 6th girl on the last link i posted (the most stunning imo), are both pics of a model called Tara Lynn. here she is naked. i consider that thats "plus-size", not average.
Joeyy | 18:59
Yeah. Their faces look quite slim, though; I couldn't tell.
EliseRoseann | 18:20
Face, but actually its all about how they act. Its their personality and little imperfections that make them attractive - Corny but true! A hot guy who's a dick? Complete turn off.
MJ231 | 13:26
Both are equally important for physical appearance.. But I choose body, because then the face will automatically look better xp
vandy | 06:01
I want a man who loves me so much, he would turn down jobs because they wouldn't help him get closer to me, and would spend 2 years planning to pick up and move his life 2,000 miles to be close to me, after only having seen me in person 11 times!
vandy | 06:02
so basically, "face or body" is a non question for me anymore, because there is only one face and one body I want in this entire world...and I hope the rest of you find that too!!
Vixen75 | 16:07
Face. However, personality is most important.
LonH | 19:16
hard to choose from these two parts
but i would take body
apololp | 20:40
1.- Personality
2.- Face
3.- Body
4.- (?)
Maycen | 22:25
Don't remember if I replied already, but.. Face!
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