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Your Rules For Dating

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everyone has rules for dating. what are yours?

mine are:

1. tall is a must. i don't like a guy shorter than me, since i'm pretty short myself.

2. must be able to put up with my emotional side. i suffer from depression and need A LOT of support, some guys aren't willing to do that.

3. if you can't make me laugh, what's the point? humor is sooooo important.

4. if you call me on the phone, please don't sit there silent for half an hour. you called me, so doesn't that mean you have something to say!

5. the guy has to understand that girlfriends need lots of attention. please make time for me, along with all your guy friends.

that's a shortened list. i'm sure there are other requirements.
ahem.....and that was supposed to be YOUR rules, not you're.

terrible grammar
Cheater138 | 16:32
xCrimsonxTearsx | 17:43
I agree with being able to put up with my emotional side ... I can be quite erratic and teary one minte and full of joy the next ... they have to, not only be able put up with it, but understand too.

I know it's shallow but they have to have a good taste in music haha I need someone I have something in common with.

Ermm ... the tall thing is good too, because I'm only tiny myself so I doubt I'd find a guy shorter than me anyway, but hey.

He can't forget about his friends ... I'm quite easy-going in terms of relationships, and clingy boys ... they scare me heh.

That's all I can think of for now, but I'm sure I have tons more, I'm so so picky =P but that'll do
vandy | 22:20
My rules for myself for dating:

1) I date with a purpose. I don't expect every boyfriend to turn into a husband (obviously) but I date with that in mind; I don't just date to have fun.

2) As such, if the relationship gets serious, and he embodies a quality that I just couldn't live with, or lacks one that I absolutely could not live with out, I end it rather than expect him to change.

3) Every physical sign of affection has to mean something. There should never be pressure on me to kiss him a certain way or be a certain way in public or private or whatever. If I kiss him, that is a sign of love, not something I do because it feels good.
xcr4zyx | 22:29
well physical attributes have changed from boyfriend to boyfriend, but they must be as tall or taller then me.

im really emotional too, thats just how i was made so if you cant deal with that, then you arent right for me.

i like to have fun and do crazy and wild things, they dont necessarily have to join in but they cant look down on me for what i do.

Gotta make me laugh, smile and feel all bubbly inside.

i cant deal with cigarette smokers.

yep. thats it. im pretty im flexible.

dark_knight86 | 22:48
I don't really have any or just I've never thought about them but, has to have a good sense of humor, I don't really care if he's taller than me or not just as long as he is not too short.

Definately not force me into doing anything I don't want because I certaintly will not.

Preferally that he has similar taste in music as me but if not, it's fine with me.

And that he is talkative, I don't like doing most of the talking and that he doesn't drink and smoke, or at least doesn't do that too much and not a party goer, I'm not much of a party person.
Muzzle | 23:00
1. A fine ass is a must. I don't like a girl with a huge ass, since it's pretty hard to park.

2. Must be able to put up with her emotional side by herself. I suffer from people who suffer from depression and need A LOT of support, I just can't stand it.

3. Must not make me laugh just by looking at her. What's the point? Looking funny is sooooo unimportant

4. Must not have any cellphone. If you call me on the cellphone, please don't sit there in your car and risk your life. You called me, so doesn't that mean you have to die!

5. The girl has to understand that solitude is not what she needs. Please make time for me along with all your girl friends

6. The girl must not be under 18, engaged and talking publicly about her dating rules.
cairowinters | 23:14
I really only have 3 rules, I used to have more but they just caused me too much trouble and I ended up missing out on being with some really cool people.

1. Don't date more than one member of a family. It's just wrong.

2. Don't date anyone who is with someone else or if I'm with someone else. It's also just wrong.

3. I have to actually like them. As more than a friend. And not just be with them for the sake of it. If I'm not feeling something strong for them I'll break it off asap.
PunkRckr8 | 23:21
Kind of just have general guidlines that I follow

- Got to have at least somewhat of a physical attraction
- Intelligent enough to hold a meaningful conversation
- No obsession or stalker-like behavior
- Is not attached to another guy
i dont really have rules as such... but i do look for a few things.

- nice eyes. you can tell a lot about a guy from his eyes (like weather hes lieing or not)
- a nice person who loves me for who i am and not what i look like.
- has some stupid jokes up his sleeve. i like a guy who can make me laugh.
- taller than me. im not hard to beat so its a good requirement.
- shows me a good time. i like to have fun.

thats about it.
what can i say? im a simple person!
and i cant really deal with suicidal people (just dont know what to say to them... very awkward) and i just cant hack talking to a smoker (its the breath).
Dropkicked | 21:26
hmmmm well my rules

1. Non-drinker, I cant stand the smell or taste of beer on someones breath and i think out of control stumbling at 3am when im trying to sleep is very unattractive!

2. Nonsmoker, I also hate the taste and smell of cigs on peoples breath. Not to mention the health factor

3. Nice eyes

4. Nice smile

5. Chatty but able to go more than 2 seconds without talking

6. Fairly antisocial lol, Im very antisocial usually and cant stand people who have loads of freinds that they go out with the whole time lol. Not that I expect they have to be glued to my side the whole time but theres a line
mpj9121 | 21:32
1. the guy must be good looking
2. he must not be childish
3. he must be romantic and make me feel special
4. he must not argue with me a lot
that's all i can think of...
Bucephalus | 11:40
1. attractive
2. sexual
3. funny, but since girls aren't funny, finding me hilarious is a plus
JuiceBoxJoe | 12:45
1. Has to make me laugh.
2. Needs to challenge me.
3. Has to be strong emotionally.
4. Needs to be independent.
5. When things get hard, staying if its worth it.
liv4dastreet | 10:57
gotta have dat phat ass booty n be down to ride wit me

no baby mama drama
Execujetv12 | 18:34
She needs to be herself.
Be willing to go for adventures/be active (skiing, race car driving, etc.)
Needs to be able to keep up with me.
Cyd | 08:19
i have a boyfriend but i like that he:
- isn't an addict/alcoholic
- good kisser .. and other things
- is cute
- drives
- is a good person and is good to me

that's all that's needed
Bucephalus | 03:01
alright ill elaborate on my earlier post... To date a girl, she obviously has to be attractive... have the same sense of humor as me.. its easy to tell which girls get the sarcastic/assholish sense of humor and which dont... Big thing with me is little drama. Just live life and there's no need to cause the drama.. Has to be trustworthy.. not tryin to date people that are gonna lie to me obviously. really it's simple.. basically just be cool and look good.. be able to laugh at yourself and others a little bit.
Execujetv12 | 06:12
Bullsh*t Curt, for you, she just needs to be F*ckable...
Bucephalus | 08:01
yeah pretty much
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