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Dekar's Parodies #14: Avril Lavigne

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Dekar | 02:25
This is a parody of Avril Lavigne's "Complicated" called "Menstruated"

You knew I'd do an Avril parody sooner or later. Everyone else does them, but aside from Dream's recent Avril parody, I found that none of them really followed the songs well. It all seemed to be just silly words thrown in without considering the rhythm of the actual song.

Now I know that all the females here are going to hate me, but this song just goes to show that a woman's period is the root of all evil.
Word's out what I'm yelling for
Step back, it's dripping on the floor
And if you could only get for me
A tampon please?

I hate this time of the month
The cramps make me want to punch
You out, or shoot people with big huge guns
I've got red runs

I'm always mad, you must be glad
When I'm not around, nowhere to be found
My attitude is pretty damned rude
You see

Damn it
Why'd I say those evil things when I had menstruated
I'll tell you, because
I act like the devil himself and I'm full of hatred
When I'm like this, I'm
I'm a bitch, I'm a witch
And I hate, I can't mate
I'm irate, and I can't stand being
Horny like this so let's hop in bed and do it, baby
Yes, yes, yes

You come without a condom on
I'm taking urine from the john
I'm hoping that there is only one line
To say I'm fine

Using a home pregnancy test
I'm praying and wishing for the best
But it looks like we are going to have
A kid, I'm sad

I feel like a whore, the fault's mine and yours
You better watch your back, my dad has an axe
I'll drop out of school, your folks won't be cool
With me

Tell me
Why'd we have to go and have sex when I menstruated?
Now look at me, my
Stomach is big because you got me impregnated
Life's like shit, and
Babies fall and they crawl
And they break everything
That they get their small hands onto
Get a job and promise me I'm never gonna be on welfare
No, no, no

Chill out, whatcha yelling for
Back off, don't hit me once more
Just cause I mother your kid, don't mean
I'll take your shit

Find someone else, get the hell out
Please don't come back, go find a new lass
We're no longer cool, you just want to fool with me

Tell me
Why'd things have to get so bad cause I menstruated?
My life's messed up and
Everytime the blood comes out, I get irritated
I do dumb shit and
I am numb, I am dumb
I do things, I don't think
My life stinks and I'm mean to you and
Honestly I blame it on my uterus, I think I'll lose it
Yes, yes
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baybee_girl | 16:57
yo that was off tha hook! i wuz lmfao! i dunno about tha root uv all evil tho...... i love it.. anuther great one.
it wuz beautiful
brokenbike | 06:46
that was the best parody i eva read... so good the lyrics are stuck in my head...oo that rhymes

i salute u
mayana07 | 15:50
aledv13 | 16:14
damn! this one was really funny! hahaha i loved it!
lol that is really funny!
LMFAO that is funny

you deserve applause
valdez | 22:15
Pretty cool !!
I will read the rest of parodies (sooner or later)
4 year bump. wow new record.
Dagor | 10:01

(just to blend in with the rest)
POP OUT SAVE saving ...
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