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Can you love a guy and hate him at the same time?

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babygir355l | 06:39
[topic=] And I did
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Pandora | 19:05
He agrees with me because our opinions are the same... he doesn't have to justify that to you.

you can love a person but hate them for who they are, and hate them at the same time, because they might hurt you or cheat on you.

loving a person, is loving ALL of them. Even the parts that you don't particularly LIKE. You can't love a person, but 'hate them for who they are'... because WHO THEY ARE, is the reason you LOVE them. Evidently you have no idea what love is... or what you are talking about.

So i said that Tab is completely wrong cuz she/he just dont know what to say,

I didn't studder in my opinion.

but they should just wait until they are in that situation, then they should how it is. So why get involved when you just dont know what it is really about.

The way it seems you are calling your 'experience' .. being in love with the idea of someone, and not the true person. No.. sorry I'm not 'in love with the idea of being in love' ... so I don't know what you are talking about. But I do know that I have had some really serious relationships with people that have had some REALLY bad traits.. but I loved them, and helped them work through them... I didn't HATE anything about them.

If a guy is going to lie to you.. and cheat on you.. he's not worth having. The 'might' in there is present with everyone... in every situation you could be lied to.. but you put your faith and trust into a guy when you give him your heart... you trust that he's not going to do those things... you don't hate him because he 'could'... if you know he WOULD.. then there's no use to even hurt yourself by being with him.

Like I said you are confusing 'love' and 'like'... 'hate' and 'dislike'. Because love is blind... love cannot hate.... you can't look through caring eyes at someone and see hate for who they are... augh that's so lame....

lesson in relationships:

who they are is what you love.

not how they make you feel, not what they do for you... nothing more.. (even though these things can be nice, it can't be based around all of this)

if you are with a guy... and you hate the person he is... what is there to love ... ? you love the person he could be? how do you know he will ever be that person? you can walk on this blind faith that things will change and suddenly this jerk will be your prince charming.. =\ but it doesn't change the reality of the situation.. if you want him to change, ask him if he cares about you enough to be good for you... watch him change then give him a chance.

... but don't think that every person is going to change just because you want them to... some guys and girls will never be worthy of the love they are given.

but then again... that's just my opinion.. heh.


babygir355l | 11:24
Like i said, you are good, and as a matter of fact you are right, love is blind, and it cant speak for itself but like i said there are things in a person that you love and the other stuff you dont, you can want them to change no matter what you say or do but they just dont, my ideas are not lame but they are brilliant.

I wont change the guy that i fell in love with, but like i said i just love him so much that i hate him at the same time because he is a jerk, but i wont him, i just love him for who is. But i just dont like some things in him but i still do love him.

So speaking of helping people, that is what i do best, i just help them if i can and if they need my help, and am always around for them, no matter how busy i am. So you shouldnt be talking to me about help, cuz that is my number priority/goal in life.
skye_hoppus | 21:28

mynickname12 | 00:39
ofcourse definitely,
Yes you really can ! It happened to me once !

I hate guys !
Andrea123 | 12:30
Yes,its happening to me now it makes me feel very sad
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