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vandy | 16:20
I'm not exactly sure why this thread is different, why y'all let me be the one to make a second thread, but I do appreciate it . This thread is my baby, the first How Are You Doing marks the first thread of mine that made it long enough to be closed .

Anyway, you know how it goes. Post in here if you're happy, sad, angry, mediocre...just...how are you doing?

The first thread was made over 2 years ago when I was friends with a guy named Ben. It saw me through that whole friendship. It saw me through my move to college, making tons of new friends and having a great time, I've probably got at least one drunk post in there, it saw me through a bad relationship and an eating disorder, and the glory I shined in as I left both behind.

I will stop babbling and now dedicate the second chapter to Matt, Celeste, and Carole who've seen me through it all, since the beginning of that thread and before, and continue to be my friends now.
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İts just an ordinary day as usual, as always happens. Rainy cloudy snowy days, also weather is very cold for me. I'm just staying at home, I closed myself until weather become hot.
Olivia_Ka | 22:37
Into a fresh start-a-new. Getting even is odd.

Tonight I resigned from looking for a job services, I've been used to it since October 2005, but I haven't been into looking for a paid job in my region recently, cannot even remember the last time I wrote a letter to answer an offer. I haven't found a job nor retired. But wait a minute... I have a monthly pay from another service since March 2011 too. Both services don't work together, I know this now, but I'm afraid to lose the monthly pay service if I stop looking for a job.

Anti-bullfighting, pro-vitamin D use (I had to take it a few weeks ago since I'm afraid of getting sunburnt and there's not much sun here in winter, also for immunitary defenses too) and would probably support the endometriosis cause, even though I don't worry that much when my period is late or when I have pre-period headaches. But I'm not ready yet to stop worrying about my thirtysomething hair turning white at parts, ha-ha.

Well? I don't plan on having children either. A few days ago, I remember a painful episode I had at 19 and half, with my then-boyfriend. That's in the biggest mistake thread. I cannot shake off my head the fact that I cannot separate truth from fiction in it, even though I seldom talk about that since it's over for years. I felt like I was in what I can call a "toxic relationship".

A boy, who I suppose is Jules' son, cannot stand the fact that I wear sunglasses at home if I have no particular vision problem. Well, if I do, that's because the lights in the corridor are too heavy (after 7 pm), or I haven't slept much, or the sun his my computer screet (at 8 or 9 am), or all 3 of them. And I don't always wear them, only around 7pm/9pm most of the time.

Feeling nostalgic again tonight. Summer holiday in my early twenties either suntanning on the beach after bathing, or free concerts from cover bands in the evening. Heavenly. Or Saturdays at 15 even though I didn't go to parties nor discos.

Tonight I also celebrated a birthday on another music site, been 6 years now. Well, I have no particular way to celebrate freedom in any occasion. See you later.
Sunny Saturday Morning.

Hello, this is Yayla calling from Turkey, weather is sunny and day is Saturday, field and weather are available for going to somehere walking and shopping also photographing.
I think I will be alone again today, there are lots of beautifull things, for example trees buses trains ships history and future, also hope and wish.
Every day adds new memories to our brains, so my advice is please try to enjoy your time to the fullest.

See you soon again.
Olivia_Ka | 15:59
On holiday.

Back from lunch, I had almost forgotten how it felt to spend the early afternoon away from home (although not going on holiday), with those high temperatures around. Even the music on the radio is there to remind me of both my youth and the summers I've spent around the same time (I had a boyfriend too, my favourite who still counts for me - not Capricorn but Aries BTW).
Having lunch outside, the wind, the wasps (mum drowned 4 in her ice cream) the sound of passing cars and even more... Been a long time, 3 years ago. Before the pandemic rules. And when I'm not gasping for air, I come and go with glasses of water.

White bathrobe and chewing cherry gum in post-shower mode, after having spent the two previous hours in a new black dress, black cap and my dad's yellow-tinted sunglasses. The lunch I've had makes me feel like a snail.

The news on the radio always tell me of fires on the West Coast, good luck and much courage to those who spend their holiday there.
Today I feel like having been on a treasure chase that I unfortunately failed at a few kilometers before the end. But end up with the consolation prize instead after the Silver And Gold I earned earlier this month.

Dad has been getting on my nerves since yesterday morning IMHO, but I can't explain how : either mum or dad spend much time on the phone or watching TV, while I struggle to work well because of this heat. By chance the living room has the air conditioner, from time to time I find a soft place there.

Unfortunately, I made them know that I won't attend the wedding anniversary's family reunion tomorrow (not mum and dad's but my aunt and uncle's - although I did come for the same event 20 years ago, in August 2002), for 2 main reasons : many people in a restaurant and fearing it would last long. Well, last time I had lunch in a restaurant was in July 2018 (the day before I turned 33), and around 2015/2016 for family lunches there. Also, because of the dreams I've had recently, I didn't feel at ease until this late afternoon, and I wrote somewhere else that "I build a prison all around me and I cannot escape". (Neither the music on cassettes nor the dishwasher would help me sleep, I was used to before the 'French Touch' era... But I've grown up, you know, I really need silence these days.)

Seems like I never take the time to listen to podcasts, because I often turn the radio off at 9pm when I'm not on holiday. Listened to one about Queen recently, and I also have to return to my second round of this year's Rocktober selection.
Seems like people are ditching singers for YouTubers, and getting used to streaming series (the full season being available for those who aren't patient). But please, don't watch Love Island!

My birthday gifts were a new watch (my aunt, my cousin's daughter and my dad all have the same model or so, each), a notebook with a cat, some fruit-shaped marzipan (had them as a Christmas gift as a kid), a new pair of earphones and, of course, a Quality Street box (birthday and Christmas gift).

I'm not old, I'm vintage.
PhilFerguson | 12:40
Olivia_Ka | 15:02
2004-2014-2023. What an excellent surprise!

So a former school mate works at a fastfood that's just a few minutes away from home, and this afternoon, though I was with my mother at the drive-in, he recognised me. Oh yes, I remember him, I even noticed that he already worked there sometime around April and May 2014. And I'm sure I had recognised him at the time because I dreamed of him that same month, a little while later...
I cannot remember if I was wearing that black hat during my high school years, but I already wore caps and hats in 2003/2004, and long hair too. I already had the black cap, too : but no matter, he recognised me either by my face or my black hat, means I haven't changed much since my high school years (he hasn't changed much either). So today, he told my mum that were both in high school, during 4 years, and she even remembered that he and I got along well each other. That's right. March 2004 (at least I remember those Friday afternoons) was a month during the last of my high school years. And yes, I still live in the same area as about 20 years ago.
Yes, of course. He might be the fastfood manager now since he works 5 days a week. During my lunch, my mother agreed that he's kind, as I told her a few years ago. Even though "working at a fastfood 5 days a week may not actually be fun". Coincidentally I was listening to RTL2 earlier this afternoon, and that's the same radio station I listened to in the morning during my high school years.

That's just the "luck of the day". A few people kind to each other re-connecting years later, while others are not as kind to each other these days. The only friends I've had for a decade are mostly online, because most of them (the couple Julli and Jules, the former coworker's wife Chloé) don't live in my region.

Of course I feel better, more partying than doing sport at home. But here it's winter, and I'm still not keen on going into restaurants for now. I'm re-reading a letter I wrote to my mother in May 2014. I know, thinking of too many things at the same time, and it's nearly 4pm, so I'm having a cup of tea and turning the radio on.

My resolution for this year? Neither getting married nor going back with a ex-boyfriend. Only protecting my parents for now.
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