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FireWaterBurn | 20:49
It took me awhile to find the words I was looking for. This place is more than jsut a message board to me. I truly believe that finding LSI has not only helped me mature, but also broadened my horizons and made me a better person. I don't think there is a better place on the internet. I know it sounds cheesy or somewhat pathetic, but this forum is somewhere between a forum and a family. We are all part of it, especially us 3 year LSIers. If that sounds stupid, so be it, LSI means a lot to me.

When I first arrived on LSI, I was a young, annoying, immature teen. I was truly an ass. I have changed so much since then, thanks in part to LSI. LSI has helped me view things from different perspectives. I realized that there are people outside of my own country, and that some people, although different from me, can still be cool people. I was banned twice, and rightfully so. I think I was almsot trying to get banned. I liked to push the envelope. Now, I still may push the envelope, but I mean what i say. I am not jsut saying it for thrills.

Now, back to the old LSI days. The days without Randomness. The days where Ilvoemarkmiser4 and I would regularly fight. The days when there were half of the categories that there are now. The days of Merlin and pesh_is_fresh. The days before Mods.

I remember the first LSIers I remember seeing were Ally and Merlin. I don't think anyone realized what LSI would become when they first joined; I ertainly did not. When I first signed up I was one of the first 1000 members. Now it is at over 600,000. I wanted to be like them. I admired them in a way. I wanted to be their friend. When I realized that i could not be them, I think I went the complete opposite of them, as people often do when they don't fit in. I just wanted to annoy everyone. Thank god for the ban meter, or else I'd still be banned. I eventually matured and went through my young teen phase. Now I am jsut myself. I'm all here, no sugarcoating, no lies. Just me...

Now, for the dedications. Hopefully I did not forget anyone. I'll just use usernames, since first names can be confusing.

Masterful_Ally - Like I said above, Ally was the first regular forumer I saw. I admired her so much. I looked up to her. I wanted to be her friend. She just seems like such a good person and I bet that out in the real world she is a great friend. She gives me that perspective on certain things that I would usually not even think of. Thank you for putting up with me for so long.

Pandora - Tabby and I were nearly enemies a long time ago. I'll take the blame, I don't care. I know I was an ass. I respect Tab more than anyone else. She tells it like it is. No sugarcoating. We have argued before, and I like that she says what she really feels. I don't think a lot of people do. I have seen her post forever. She's another 3 year LSIer

Andro - I think Phil is the nicest guy on LSI. Probably the most intelligent and insightful too. He's also te best Mod. I can't think of a time when he wasn't there to help. I am glad to meet someone like Phil, who is basically my opposite. He has really broadened my thoughts on a few subjects, and helped erase some sterotypes I once had.

Tyrannical King - Don is the closest thing to me ths forum will ever see. We share the same sense of sarcastic humor. The guy is hilarious. I think our greatness speaks for itself.

Dekar - I was so pissed of at Dekar for becoming the new "big man on campus" at LSI. He had the most posts, and for some reason I hated that. Perhaps envy. He really is a funny guy though. Not in the same way as me and Don, but funny nonetheless. I think he is a great Mod as well

Nefariouslady_t - I haven't known Lady_t as long as some of the other previously mentioned, but I find her to be an interesting person. I can't even pinpoint a reason why, but I am drawn to her.

Carole - Another member that I jsut enjoy reading her posts. Once again, not a specific reason why, I jsut like her.

Dakondakblade - Tim is a great guy. He has showed me the phenom that is TorrentSpy and sent me free photoshop. He is an asskicker.

Fishmunky - Man, I respect Munky more than almost everyone on here. He's just down to earth. He seems liek a guy I could have gone to school with or something. I can see his passion for music. Especially the guitar. Hopefully his roommate will stop being a douche and let him and his girlfriend do it in peace. I wish the ebst for him.

Mikeyboy - Mike is just a cool guy. I could see him being my friend in real life. Someone I could chill with. he seems like the kind of guy that'd fit right in with my group of friends. probably the only guy on LSI who I can talk about football with, and he is an Atlanta fan too, as am I. He is my "homie".

Hypnotised - Brittany is becoming one of my favorite LSIers. I wish I had gotten to know her sooner. She's so sweet and beautiful, inside and out. I'd love to meet her someday, even if that is jsut a far fetched dream. It's refreshing to be able to intelligently talk to someone closer to my age. Althought statistically there are more people my age on here than any other age, most of them are as mature as I was 5 years ago. I really like brittany.

Lital - I liek Lital. And not jsut in a lustful way. I really do like her, although I highly doubt she believes me. We don't even have anything except the love for milkshakes in common. we have a love-hate relationship although she will refuse to admit it. I love our arguements and insults we throw at each other. I just wish she'd keep one damn username.

DeadTeddybear Aside from the birthday gift she gave me, I don't know what it is about ehr either, but I like her. Kind of like Lady_t and Carole, I can't explain. I have searhed and came up empty when seacrhing for the words. Maybe it is a female thing.

ChrisRocks53 - Chris is seriously the man. He really is. i thought he was just some guy addicted to playlists, but Chris is a great guy. One of the few my age that i can talk to. I am glad I met him, hopefully his internet doesn't go crazy again. I was wondering about him.

Jez Jez is one of my favorite Mods. I am jealous becaus ehe got to meet Ally and Loco. I think Jez, Chirs, and I all share a love for Brittany (hypnotised), but I guess that's ok. Jez actually gets me for me, which most people don't.

Proud2fly For being my biggest fan.

Ray Without Ray, none of us are here. I don't know any of you. Ray has put up with a lot form me. He banned me permanently twice. Thank god for the new ban meter. I hope Ray somehow reads this, as I don't think he knows how grateful I am.

xMajinx, Andrew You guys are really funny sometiems, but so annopying and imamture at other times. You are both young FWB's. You don't see it now, but eventually you will see how immature you were when you look back.

The Optimist The Pic Corner is the greatest thing on LSI. I think you are a great person, I just thught I needed to say that.

If you didn't read the pre dedication part, that's ok. I know ti was long, but it is insightful when you read it.

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They said they'd reply but want more nude pics in return.
FireWaterBurn | 02:51
Damnit, that's what g dawg said too...

How many nude positions can one take pictures of?
MisterKing | 02:53
I'm thinking thousands.
Masterful_Ally | 03:04
Hahaha sorry Curtis I;ve been enduring hell and drunk drunk drunk freshers at work all night. I have been covered in beer, Jack Daniels, dirty mop water, trodden on puke...cleaned up puke...served about 5000 pints of frickin carling and carlsbery and grolsh and stella... an now its 4am and I just got home and I have uni stuff to do tommorow...

but your little post just cheered me up Congrats
FireWaterBurn | 16:04
Trodded through and cleaned up puke? Sounds like a good time. I'm glad I cheered you up.
Barakine | 16:18
Congratulations Curtis!
Without you the forum wouldn't be as great as it is
FireWaterBurn | 02:18
Thank you Lina. I wish we could somehow get Merlin and IloveMarkMiser4 back on LSI. Merlin would be regarded as a God.
by_the_sea | 07:28
it sounds like you is having emotional days when you will be writing in this place...hopefully it had fun.
aledv13 | 21:23
Congrats curt!!
yumarlenehesayz | 21:26
Congrats Curt!!!
TheAnnoyance | 21:27
that means in the lasr under 3 months u've got 9K
thats spammier than me
FireWaterBurn | 21:29
On this pace, I will have posted 40,000 times per year.

Hmmm. I consider it non-spam. My posts usually contain some kind of flavor. Funny/interesting... Not just posting for the hell of it.

Anyways, why was this bumped?
yumarlenehesayz | 21:30
ok so i'm stupid!!!!
yumarlenehesayz | 21:30
TheAnnoyance | 21:30
well u still post alot more than me.

and i've no idea why it was bumped
Man I'm bumping up some good nostalgic stuff. Is everyone still on here. Its funny you looked back on the days of merlin and myself...hope it was as much fun for you as it was for me. You were a young'in but that was a phase we all went through, and I could tell you were a real smart kid and you'd grow up like the rest of us oldies. Glad you came to appreciate the boards as much as I did. Definitely was helpful at those times I just wanted someone to discuss things with. Take care!
L_i_t | 18:04
Lital - I liek Lital. And not jsut in a lustful way. I really do like her, although I highly doubt she believes me. We don't even have anything except the love for milkshakes in common. we have a love-hate relationship although she will refuse to admit it. I love our arguements and insults we throw at each other. I just wish she'd keep one damn username.

Wow I forgot all of this, and its really nice to read it all over again. I'm sure Curtis still feels the same way. I miss those days...
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