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How to Find a Song Name From a Few Lyrics

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danastasia | 18:34
Whenever someone makes a thread looking for something, whenever I reply, it's because I've used Google to find it - I have the musical knowledge of a frogspawn. So, I thought I'd share how I get it to work. If you're not getting any replies with your thread, or before you even make a thread, try this:

**How to Find a Song Name from a few Lyrics**
Say you heard a song, and you can remember the lyrics, "I get knocked down, but I get up again" and you want to know the name.

1. Go to Google.

2. Type lyrics followed by the snippet of lyrics you know. If you're unsure if it's but or when or if, it doesn't matter, just leave it out.

So, you'll have entered:
lyrics i get knocked down i get up again

3. Press search!

9 times out of 10, the song will jump out at'll get a preview of the rest of the lyrics which might jog your memory. If it's covered by more than one artist, a little research will find out who it is for you.

I find that with 'lyrics' at the start, you are far far far more likely to find the song. If you still have no luck, try with slight variations of what you can remember - Is it knocked down, or blocked down? If that still doesn't work, just remove the words you're unsure of altogether.

When you're using this method, it's key words like people or place names, unusual phrases or what you think are key parts to the song that will help you find what you're looking for.

Hope this helps.
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DeeeGee | 08:55
I have been searching for a song from the 70's about a dancer. the words go something like steal your heart away...nothing you can do nothing you can say. It is driving me crazy searching for this song. Ring a bell for anyone?
jhl | 05:27
I have been searching for a song title and the artist for about 3 weeks now and i tried your way and it did not work. Do you anybody have any suggestions?
ice15 | 09:34
select text in song on the search tab
evildoor12 | 22:15
Salut jespere qu'il y a des amateur du 83 ici ! je cherche la chanson Rest in Peace Mike de Taktika... je l'avait sur mon ordi avant mais j'ai tout perdu a cause d'un virus... si quelqu'un a un lien sender moi le svp !
PERFECT!! Haha I was way off on the artist. Song: Bass Down Low, Artist: The Cataracs and Dev
ok well i googled it and everything can not find the name of this song anywhere hope you can help me its driving me crazy
here are some of the lyrics "baby come over the night is still young can you make your way over" that is exactly how it is said in the song but i cant find it anywhere please help thank you !!
musicpeeps | 09:52
Google really is helpful and so as Youtube and facebook in finding almost everything we want these days. And yes lyrics of your favorite music included =) But if after going through these search engines and other social media and still cannot find what you are looking for, forums like this will help =)
Angelusmci | 11:05
Okay, I've been looking for a song for months now. I have only heard it like twice, and that has been a long time ago. I'm pretty sure the song is from the 90s, and the chorus is something like "and I said baby" but the word baby is lengthened. It's NOT When I'm With You by Sheriff. It's not a rap song, it's a rock song. I had used the technique that was advised here many times, and with many variations on the chorus. I've tried "and I said baby" and I've tried "and he said baby" and I've tried "and she said baby." A friend of mine suggested that it might be "hey" or "angel," but in any way, the word is lengthened. I know that's not much to go on, but if anyone can help me, I would appreciate it.
tracyvogt | 22:51
I have tried all the tricks and still no luck?. Can anyone help? "There was a girl that I once knew in school. She went away from me. I guess I looked too hard to find what was always right in front of me. Standing in the pouring rain waiting for the sun to shine. I should have made my mind up then, back when decisions were easy. I get the world and all it holds, I'm told" Please help me find this song!!
Liz0789 | 23:54
hi everyone. i hope someone in here can help me find the title of this song and artist. i would really appreciate it. i've searched for the longest time and still can't find it. these are most of the lyrics but i still couldn't find it. thank you.

Days turn to weeks when you're so far from me, I tell myself you're so precious for me, I LOVE YOU, I love you, Time after time when I'm thinking of you, I've realized all the things that we'll do, I LOVE YOU, I love you, I've been waiting for your LOVE, I feel so lonely in this world, Day after day I still believe in us, You are the one, one that I'm dreaming of, I LOVE YOU, I Love You.
eyd | 06:58
yeah..great idea..thanks for sharing..
arrowhead80 | 23:56
MY NAME IS: HENRY V ADAMS. i WROTE: GUIDING STAR and it is copyrighted. IT IS A CHRISTMAS SONG. it is supposed to be in archives but I am unable to find it. If you find it please let me know how I can play it. Thanks!
peggypie | 07:30
And when it finds nothing?
angeleeyes | 21:02
I tried Google and every lyric site I could find . even emailed Martha Quin (because i believe its an 80's song) this is all I can remember and no search has helped. maybe someone here can .
Just a little later as I was gettin in my car he walked on over handed me a quarter said this ones on me... and then something like now he's my video lover and I like the way he feels in my hand yeah he's my video lover here in video land
hi,i joined this site, jus because i've been losing my mind trying to find dis song i've heard in the background of one of the videos by a british lady on youtube called "britpopprincess" the name of the video was "how to look good in the cold " ...and the words i picked up in the background was " i love you so much i'll never leave come around....the least cold " -__- i searched in google,bu i didnt find it.plzzzzzzz help me find the name of the songs .ty in advance
perplex | 02:34
hey can anyone help me find this
menoz | 02:42
OMG !! THat worked !! Thank you very much
I've been looking for a song .. for like EVER !! then i did as you said .. i found it in 0.000000001 sec or SomeThing !!
No1else | 16:54
Help me find a song! Heard one time in September 2011. Start simply relaxing music (electronic) something like
Get up and shake this party ... ....... everybody ... (female voice), and the guy in the repeats to shake ... to skake .... Style is something mixture of pop and hip-hop.
Thanks in advance!
cc1992 | 18:13
hello. i am trying to figure out the same of song in the movie called "420 high desert way" , the song i'm looking for is in the "sex scene". it kind of sounds like a rock song? i have looked everywhere and still havne't had any luck finding the name of the song, or the artist.. someone help please !! thanks(:
RunrigNutter | 05:38
Google helps, but many lyrics isnt on Google. Like a song called Beyond The Veil, no lyrics, thankfully I know the lyrics.
angelo88 | 15:11
i am looking for this song with these lyrics (boy keep on smiling, i know you worthy everyday) it has the lotus flower riddim
prgy | 20:06
just write that text in google and add lyrics.. for example "Now hush little baby, don't you cry Everything's gonna be alright Stiffen that upperlip up little lady, i told ya Daddy's here to hold ya through the night lyrics"
Okay what?
abbyy | 07:02
Hey, sum1 plzz hlp me out...i badly need dis song...a part of dia song reads "waiting for you to see the sorrow that's inside me" the actuly read dia lyrics i'v also recorded dis still aint found on google!!!
Its sung by female artist!!! Plzz sum1 hlp me out!!!!
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