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How to Find a Song Name From a Few Lyrics

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danastasia | 18:34
Whenever someone makes a thread looking for something, whenever I reply, it's because I've used Google to find it - I have the musical knowledge of a frogspawn. So, I thought I'd share how I get it to work. If you're not getting any replies with your thread, or before you even make a thread, try this:

**How to Find a Song Name from a few Lyrics**
Say you heard a song, and you can remember the lyrics, "I get knocked down, but I get up again" and you want to know the name.

1. Go to Google.

2. Type lyrics followed by the snippet of lyrics you know. If you're unsure if it's but or when or if, it doesn't matter, just leave it out.

So, you'll have entered:
lyrics i get knocked down i get up again

3. Press search!

9 times out of 10, the song will jump out at'll get a preview of the rest of the lyrics which might jog your memory. If it's covered by more than one artist, a little research will find out who it is for you.

I find that with 'lyrics' at the start, you are far far far more likely to find the song. If you still have no luck, try with slight variations of what you can remember - Is it knocked down, or blocked down? If that still doesn't work, just remove the words you're unsure of altogether.

When you're using this method, it's key words like people or place names, unusual phrases or what you think are key parts to the song that will help you find what you're looking for.

Hope this helps.
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Hey I tried it several times, but no luck
heyu11 | 04:31
ok can ANYONE HELP ME! i cant find this song anywhere...i think that its newer but im not sure its dance/techno and its has " i know what i want and i want it now' and like theres humming thats like "ladadadee, ladadahoo" or something like that..does anyone know it?
p3rian_x | 17:19
ive been trying to find this song forever
the background music sounds exactly like nelly-ride with me..
but its not a rap song.
jazzcem | 07:01
alison1287.. had been looking for lyrics.. well u couldnt find them bcuz u were looking for the edited lyrics.. i ran into the same prob b4 too.. real version = way dirty

david banner - play
Smurf06 | 01:16
I got this song in my head I maybe old like 2003/02 anyways the lyrics are; "shake what ya mama gave ya, it took here nine damn months to make ya and only take one second to take ya out" Any help this will bug me forever
ca22 | 16:05
I have tried the google search and have been unsuccessful... Does any one watch general hospital? The song I am thinking of is from thursdays episode, Dec. 8th. Its when Sam and Jason are dancing in the rain. "the only lyrics played are as follows. " Baby, its just you and me"....................... i am looking for a wedding song and I love this song.. PLEASE HELP
VenusAsABoy | 20:34

Then click on video.

WTF is this song called?
VenusAsABoy | 20:49
Please excuse me if this has been mentioned before, but when typing lyrics in the search box, it works better if you but it in apostrophes. It will search for the exact phrase. But be certain you heard the lyrics correctly!
Melisita07 | 21:49
Thank you so so so so much!
Omg.. it was SO damn easy lol
thanx for the good advice.. KUDOS 4 u lol

btw.. i recommend YES by Amber
Melisita07 | 21:52
btw i did the whole search on google thing it worked right away
heyu11 | 00:45
ok can someone help me pleaz! i want to know the song that has " alex, who the fuck is alex?" its like techno and yah i cant find it at all , it anyone knows please e-mail to! thanx and pleaze help...
JewUnit | 00:50
If we find it, we won't e-mail you. We will send you a PM or post it in this thread.
ream | 09:41
it didnt work!!!!!!! how sad i really got exited n i was lyk "oh yes maby i can finally find out wat dis song is called at last!!!!! but no i gave me all dis other stuff!!!! HOW DEPRESSING!!!!
burrnoise | 16:14
[lyrics=]put me in jail if I fail[/lyrics]
[topic=]The above are partial lyrics from an old '60's pop song that I have not been able to find on any search engine, including google (where I found this site!)
aikie | 06:04
thanks but i really dont get your point
Leecii | 00:01
Hey .. iim lookin 4 a song.. it goes a little something like this "tell em what they wanna hear" and I know that's in the chorus ..can I PLEASE get that title ??
Tyrific | 19:34
I got a song in my head for the longest time. Its a Jackson 5 song, and the chorus goes something like, "Could it be i stay away too long, now I miss you and our love is gone...You dont have to worry cuz I'm coming, back to where I should have always been". Please, please, if anyone know the song, please e-mail at
windylou | 23:52
I need to know the singer and title for an old love song. A man with sort of a raspy voice sings it. I'm not sure of all the words but the main phrase is "This is love and it'll last." The music is piano. It goes like this: (the ___ is the parts i dont know)

This is love and it'll last,
heaven knows its __________,
i've been waiting on my own,
too long,
when you hold me like you do,
it feels so right _____,
its not too foggy how my heart gets ____,
feeling like i cant go on,
turning circles and time again,
cut like a knife ______________
if you love me got to know for sure
cus it takes something more this time,
sweet sweet life ________________
before i open up my arms and fall,
losing all control,
every dream inside my soul,
when you kiss me on that midnight street,
sweep me off my feet
singing aint this life so sweet
this is love and it'll last
this is love and it'll last,
cus whos to worry if out hearts _______
dont you notice life goes on
when you kiss me on that midnight street
sweep me off my feet
singing aint this life so sweet,
this is love and it'll last,
this is love and it'll last,

Im getting married and I want this for my wedding song but i cant find the singer or title. Please help!!
VenusAsABoy | 02:13
I don't know if anyone has heard of this yet, but here I'll post this anyways.

"Music playing? Don't know what it is? Just call Shazam on your mobile phone and point it at the music. Shazam hangs up automatically after about 20 seconds and sends you a text."

For Canadians whose cell phones are hooked up with ROGERS, use this:

I just know what the torture is like not knowing a song that keeps playin somewhere and nobody knows it!!
chevsrock | 03:21
i tryed it with the song that i'm trying to find but i still can't find it can anyone help? the lyric is "you an't gotta call me your boo just as bad as you wanna fuck i wanna fuck to." that's all i can remember of the song
Great idea, and it did work for me too....but....what do you do if the song is basically an instrumental? We had a song on cassette tape years ago and every once in awhile I feel the need to hear it, it's sort of disco/electric/african...lots of drums and the only 'lyrics' if you can call them that are: Sing ba da da ba bo do...with a lot of dede de de dede dede dede de's.
xnachox | 05:08
may i also add something?

if the lyrics you include have apostrophes in it, its best to do 2 searches, one with the apostrophes and one without.

example search:
don't heart miss you

therefore also search for:
dont heart miss you

i find that also helps alot

MATHGOD | 07:29
hmmm . . . this may be a stupid question but, if I know of a song that I know the lyrics to but I am 100% sure that the song is not listed on LSI, is there a way to submit the lyrics to this site? If so, how . . .
bouche4721 | 02:14
tried your strategy and cant figure it out, my lyrics are "is it enough to take me camping, in a tent down by the lake" its a country song by a male singer, a young kid tries do find money to pay his dad to spend time with him because his dad is alwyas working?
Storm_xxx | 14:39
I'm trying to find a song I heard playing in tkmaxx the other day....tried google, but no luck....anyone know it...lyrics I know.....'There was nothing i could do, and there was nothing I could say............everybody makes mistake and everybody feels this way'

Please help
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