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Guidelines To A Better Post

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andro | 10:26
This post wasn't drafted by me - though it makes a lot of sense. Many thanks to Nicholas Bittner (the mod on the forums who originally wrote this) for allowing me to post this here.

Here are a number of steps and tips to make a post that will make a good impression on others, boost your respectability, and make it so the mods don't yell at you.

For creating a new thread...

1: Find a good topic that hasn't been done ten or twenty times.

There are plenty of good topics out there to talk about. What's new with your favorite band, what bands from a specific genre are touring, some news article about music events, etc. The key is to make it a wide topic, where you can get a good variety of posts.

Making a post where the only possible answer is a sentence or a name is not a good thread. If the thread asks for a list, it's not a good thread. Good threads inspire discussion and debate, not a name or a list.

2: Get the point across.

I've seen a lot of good threads shot to hell, because someone wandered around the topic, and lost people with a five page post. Those five pages may have been the best damned thing ever written, but no one wants to read five pages about the band you saw play last night. No one. Also, a short post that doesn't give enough information is detrimental, as well.

3: Say what you want the topic to lead to.

If you have a thread arguing the merits of using naked girls as background dancers at a concert, then say that you want people to discuss this idea. If you want people to review some concerts of heavy metal bands they've seen, ask them to do it. Always say what you want.

Now, for making a reply.

Most of the previous rules apply here, too. But there are a few changes.

1: Make your post a good size.

A post that says "Yeah I agree" is meaningless. It wastes space, and leaves questions unanswered. But if you say "Yes, I agree because..." and give your reasoning, it makes it more substantial and adds fuel to a conversation. There's no real reply to 'I agree'.

Also, If the thread is about, say, your favorite genre, don't just give the genre name. Give what you like and don't like about it, what some of your favorite bands from it are, or how you were introduced to it.

2: Don't post what should be done in PM.

If you want to get a little angrier at someone, or say something more private, do it in a PM. Or, if you want to go off topic, take it to PM. It's fine if you say one or two things in reply, in addition to a fully on topic post.

That's really it. Just use common sense. If you have a suggestion for an addition, just PM me or any of the other mods. We're here to help.
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andro | 11:11
Allow me to answer that question:

Moderators reserve the right to edit or delete any posts that go against the forum rules. In particularly severe cases, formal warnings or yellow cards may also be given; if a member accumulates enough yellow cards they will be banned from the site temporarily (these bans usually only last for a day or two though they can last longer depending on the severity of the infraction, and rarely happen as cards tend to be reserved for serious cases).

In the most extreme cases, the webmaster may also be contacted and ban a serious repeat offender more permanently.
idlefido | 11:49
can i ask mod to delete my post??
andro | 12:15
Yes, you can ask a mod to edit or delete your posts. We mods are here to help, after all
LadiiSOULJAH | 19:48
sounds hard.
idlefido | 13:21
i have a query. i saw there was a figure in the top-left of every post . i mean its between two arrows. some figures r plus.n some r minus. what does that mean? does minus figure mean that u have posted something insulted or something nonsense? maybe.
carole | 13:22
we're still tryin to figure that out.
u can plus a post or minus it, to show that u are very bored.
idlefido | 04:14
You mean i can give myself plus or to do it? I always think thats what mod can do.
DarXide | 06:19
The post rating feature was initially intended -- and I'm sure in every site it's intended for the same reason -- to rate posts based on if they are "good" posts or bad. As in... worthy to be read or not. Objective rating

But people everywhere as I've noticed (LSI, youtube, one other that had it), make it into something completely subjective. Give a + if you agree, or - if you disagree or took offense.
spider87 | 00:08
can somebody explain to me how i can write something offtopic?

[offtopic] this is what i get every time...
NightHobbit | 00:11
you have to close the brackets.

so example take out the stars:

[offtopic*]this is offtopic[/*offtopic]

when you close a line of code you use a / after the first bracket.
spider87 | 09:17
* offtopic :
like this?
spider87 | 09:18
thanks nighthobbit!
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