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Tale of Two Cities Ballad

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Laken | 01:17
Okay for English class we are reading Tale of Two Cities (TOTC) and for the end of the year project thing we have to write a ballad telling about one of the charcters in the book, pretty much a parody of any song but it has to tell about a characters/ characters. SInce most of you have read the book I was thinking about running an idea by you
well madam defarge in the book is always associated with knitting so i thought maybe a parody of " I Feel Pretty" but i have some so far i dont know if you have any suggestions please tell me

"She's Still Knitting"

She's still knitting, oh she's knitting, she's still knitting, while sitting all day, and I pity anyone that gets in her way, she's not charming, she's alarming, and her husband's disarmingly large, and this ballad is about a madam Defarge"

yeah its kinda supposed to be stupid, the last two sentences i dont really like but i ran out of rhyming words, and i had to tell who it was about so you know i try
but any suggestions be sure to post them up here
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Just_Jamie | 01:23
Not having read the book in a VERY long time, I liked it.
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