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Potty Grammar (nelly's country grammar)

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blazin_blu | 02:04
About two years ago i remember recording some parodies off the radio (by Mastermind and Axel, i miss you brovas! Anybody else from Barrie/Toronto ON who used to listen to their energy radio show??)

eniwayz, I had no idea what the song was at first cuz nelly was fresh at the time...but funnii still.

here's what i got...

hook -
i gotta whiz whiz baby break is almost over
like a drinking box baby clipsed ready to let it go
eenie meenie miney mo feel my bladder pound
can i make it to a store, what should i do now (2x)

you can find me in the hallways rollin on up
strollin on up, yuh blowin up, like i become
sick because i'm third i'm not in front of the lineup
with me mugs and shoulder shrugs
and it's all because I wasn't fast enough
couldn't navigate it, drank too much back at my home, probably should'nt have waited
now if i accident it the whole class be entertained
oh man i'd hate it, they would call me a LOSER!
call me when i bring it, sing it loud, off to the loo
and i'm proud
ain't no smile, no pause, i'm all about this here cause
yeah the style's raw, it's gonna flow like river swau,
i'm in so much pain, as a stammer
i've gotta pee, it's potty grammer
my bladder ain't bionic, situation is ironic
the cramps, be like the chronic
out the hole like punks and tonics
shifted around like plate tectonics
this ain't no game like the Bulls and Sonics

hook 2x

Let me teach ya how to spell it mon
P-E-E, E-E-E-E mon
W-H-I-Z-Z mon
Urine a-t-e mon
It's all the same as wee-wee mon
It will flow quite freely mon
Down my leg i mean it mon
Coffee tea and creamy mon
All will make you pee-pee mon
Hold on tight your weeny mon
Hope the girls don't see me mon
This ain't no joke like tee hee mon
Let me in now
Let me in now
Out my way, gotta go, let me in now
Let me in now
Let me in now
Gotta pee, ain't no joke, let me in now

(toilet flush) Whoo! whoa! yeah! (toilet flush)
JewleeC | 18:53
I know it's been 13 years since this was posted but I also remember Energy radio and I was from the Brantford area. I was very upset when the radio station ended.
JewleeC | 18:55
I have some lyric corrections I believe: "like a drinking box baby clipsed ready to let it go" Should be "clenched ready to lead it go" and also: "can i make it to a store, what should i do now" I think I remember hearing "make it to a stall"
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