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Are All Men Like This?

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i was just talking to my ex boyfriend, and he said to me "you know, lindsey, you're a really terrible person. but i'd still bang you." and i told him he was a complete jerk, and he says "i'm not a jerk, it's just that i like some people for their personality, and then i basically like other people purely for sex."

do all guys think like this?! are there certain girls you like for personality, and then other girls you hate but would use for sex anyway?

i think i've lost all faith in men
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Bex4Benj | 17:41
Meh, I guess I've met a couple like that, but definately not ALL guys are like that..

Yeah, your ex sounds like such an idiot..
sweet_J_ | 17:42
yeah I'm pretty sure all guys are like that. I would ask my boyfriend but i wouldn't want to know lol. I don't think too many girls are like that well at least i'm not
fishmunky | 17:42
Some guys are driven purely for the purpose of sex

to quote Chasing Amy:
Alyssa: "I bet you've havent loved every girl you've ever slept with"
Banky: *nods* "some of them i've downright loathed"

me personally...i'm a big fan of the non angry, sex with a person you enjoy being around as oposed to the im sleeping with you because your here and no other reason

some guys can and will sleep with anything
lol, well that makes me feel great, being the one he hates but would screw.
fishmunky | 17:45
laugh it off...he may have said as a passing joke, but since you called him on it he felt obliged to defend himself

hes probably just being a goof
ahhh i get that all the time dear.

or id bang you if you werent so damn nuts. or can i bang you?

really most people are driven by the banging.

i wouldnt worry about it though cause it was your ex..he was prolly just being a dick. *&* kick him for calling you terrible.
know what's strange, though? this is a guy i haven't seen in person for almost 3 years.

i don't get where the whole "i'd bang you" thing is coming from if he hasn't even seen me for so long.

perhaps i just have a bangable personality.
kians_angel | 17:52
awww! youre not a terrible person! and if he can say that to you, then he obviously doesnt respect you like he should. you deserve a boyfriend who will treat you right and respect you, and not just want to get in your pants!

not all men are like this, but there are sadly some tw*** around who are like that! but theyre not worth anything
No, not all men are like that. Unfortunately for me, most of the men I have met have been. My friends always find nice guys, so I decided to let it up to them to fix me up a few times. But they found the same type of guys for me that I have always found myself, the jerks who want one thing. I know eventually though, I am gonna meet one that isn't like that.
Dekar | 18:38
As much as I have a really perverted sense of humour, sex really isn't all that important to me. Then again, I do believe I'm not your run-of-the-mill guy. I know I sound like I'm tooting my own horn here, but sex for the sake of sex really sickens me. Sex, to me, should be reserved for the emotional connection the two (or more, haha) participants have. Basically I'm saying that no, we're not all sex-maniacs.

And Anthony may be right as well. He might've said it as a joke and then when you said something about it, he felt awkward and didn't know what to say. Don't take it personally, I say.
aww, thanks everyone. i've just recieved a lovely email from him a few minutes ago "lindsey, i don't care what your opinion is of me, because your opinion doesn't count for sh*t. you're not nice."

i love the immaturity, haha.
it's not hard to see why he's an ex and not a current.
Dekar | 18:52
Can I write the reply email? >
sweet_J_ | 18:56
what a moron, he obviously cares what you think since he took the time to write you an email that he doesn't care

I say we change the topic to Are all Boyslike this because clearly you are dealing with a little boy and not a man.
vikesh | 19:21
Eew, that's horrible.
I couldn't agree with Sweet J more. Wait till they're adults, not just horny 17 year old idiots.
Wous | 19:39

Why'd you still talk to him?

And how old is he..:S

I just hate those guys who are obsessed with sex..who only talk about it and all, and just wanna get laid and all...
There must be more then just sex and looking at girls...right? (though the looking isn't that bad )
(neither the sex, but we're getting of the subject here)

don't consider me as a bone-everything-that-has-a-hole-and-boobs..

so..not all men are like that..

I'd like to make love with matt though..
NightHobbit | 19:41
gosh and my ex says I obesssed over sex..........and that Iw as too demanding when ti came to sex....lol I;m not the oen who slep aroudn during the relationship and bragged about sleeping around too.

don't worry guys like that are jerks.
nope dont worry not every lad is like them yup some are arses and dont deserve the effort but some........some can give you the most happiest days of your life.
Dont worry as the saying goes plenty of fish in the sea.
and more than 1 will love you for who you are an not what they can give to you.

peace love and empathy
Love Rosh
aka just being me#
i'm so glad not everyone is like that. he's immature, i know. i don't know why i waste my time talking to him.
Cheater138 | 19:54
Heh, my ex (old one, not Gary) was obsessed with sex too,after we broke up he was always like "What sucks about my new girlfriend is that we don't have sex, I miss that" Freaking loser, go hire a prostitute or something, I'm not helping you there.

Some guys are stupid like that, you just gotta find one who isn't I guess. And kick the asses of the ones that are. >
Htd1 | 19:56
I told you not to tell anyone about our past relationship
Dekar | 19:57
She didn't. She talked about the guy she DID have sex with.
Cheater138 | 19:58
Pshh.. I wasn't talking about us Gabe.. shhhh
BadBoyRacer | 20:08
trust me on this now i'm a boy, some men are out there but if you found a boy and he says to you, i want to take things slow then dont listen, if he thinks it to himself then he wont do anything until your ready and he wouldn't force you into anythin, just dont start thinkin all males are like this because there definately not. i've been with my gf for 10 months. and i've enjoyed every minute of it.

badboyracer aka liam inabit
roe_roe | 19:45
all guys are emotionally retarded
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