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Database Error 10-10-22 Page 2 to get photo

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Here I go again trying to get bottom half of the image.

I retook the whole editing page item

Maybe you can open it up and make sense of it there


And I'm back with my old complaint about the "fuzzy" photos here.

On my computer screen its as SHARP as anything and you can read every word! See images without these vertical lines ruining the image with color shifting and out of focus
and not able to center a photo EVEN THOUGH I gave it extra space to the "left" to push it over---there is only so much I can do within the screen I take full screen image to edit for your Header Image!

Ok enough griping about that.. will try to find a method to share those photos .. I have two different images of the Same Song search.

Of course...........Need I say it, looking up "Dancing on the Ceiling" pops up today the correct answer.....

One of 39 successfully returned searches.... but on other days (10-10-2022 was the day I TOOK a photo---I don't recall the other days exactly but it was earlier than that ---I only decided if someone else mentioned it I'd be able to say "me too!"

And the WHITE LETTERS of the subject of the Posting--block parts of the image anyway--used to be lower down, probably changes you made to accommodate the mobile users so nothing I can do or fix better here when I compose my post!
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Ray | 09:33
Thanks for your post. It's kind of lengthy , so I'm not sure what the problem is.
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