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Database error 10-10-22 Page 1 Photo

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I have to make new topics to post my photos in the "header" hope you can view it!

Its a photo so I can't copy and paste the text!

I aimed it so it shows "new website" tag so you know where I am

I aimed it to show the upper part of the photo in this image so I can post in a new subject the "bottom" half with all the writing on it

This occurred on 10 October 2022!
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Ray | 09:35
Thanks for the notification. Unfortunately the header picture is not useable for info. On what URL did you get a database error?
No problem Ray!

It was searched on: on 10-10-22

URL: search.letssingit.com/7s=dancing+on+the+Ceiling&a=search&sd=94533

My fault!

I should have included that since the URL address box is not visible in the header photo, but since I UPLOADED it I assumed with all your powers you could just poke in there and see the original photo being used for the fuzzy header!

Hope that helps!
Ray | 07:28
Hi Practice, thanks for the link. Unfortunately, the link is not working, there is a typo in it. The correct url should be:


This page shows up as expected for me Can you describe what you think goes wrong? Thanks
Hip Hip Hooray!

You are correct!

The page you landed on... saying 404 is EXACTLY the wrong data page I got time and time again.
[...[https://search.letssingit.com/7s=dancing+on+the+Ceiling&a=search&sd=94533]...in case the above link fails me again as it did not return a 404 error page always each time!]

UNFORTUNATELY! I only took two different times photos of just the "Dancing on the ceiling" search one.

I WISH I had taken screen shots of the others that day!

I WISH I had noted down my searches that day which were GOING TO 404

SITE was NOT BROKEN! I COULD do some searches successfully and my own Playlists and pages and comments appeared as normal

IT WAS "Some" of the Searches that were breaking down under the "new website"

AND ..... now you got to witness what I saw...

............................so long story short.... the TYPO you discovered (thanks!) is one that was generated by your search system and not me making error typing off my address bar in my screen shot from the 10th of October 2022!

Good luck rooting this one out so it does not return!

Was annoying as someone asked me for that one.....and I KNEW it and wanted to help them....and said "sorry" the place I used is taking a brief siesta/vacation today!
Putting on my coding/programmer's hat that is dusty....

I hope its a "hard 404" error there and not a "soft 404" error and since its been restored and back to working again maybe nothing at all but noting it for your list of "fixes" in future if it continually reappears for that search (or other searches) on a random, floating basis.....

Hope what I wrote makes sense to you---if not ask! I don't mind!


IT IS A "?" not a "7" as I re examined my original photo

the correct wording I see on the landing page is:

I post then think about it.....

THE SITE WORDS are exactly as seen below:

Oops, Database Error


Your request could not be completed, because there was a problem with the datase. Please report this to the webmaster.

Click here to go back to the previous page.
My typo: "datase" above should be "database" of course!
Ray | 11:56
THE SITE WORDS are exactly as seen below:

Oops, Database Error

I was not able to reproduce the error. My best guess is that there was some sort of system reboot going on at the time you were on the site. This problem fixed itself in the meantime.

Let me know when you run into this issue again. Thanks for the help! Much appreciated
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